Generation Zero is now available on Xbox Game Pass

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The open-world stealth-action game Generation Zero is available on Xbox Game Pass starting today. The game by Systemic Reaction, an Avalanche Studios Group development team, released over two years ago and has seen multiple updates since then.

A free content update named ”Resistance” is available to all players, with features such as base-building and a map revamp.


I didn’t play this and it doesn’t sound like something I’d play.

But notice how there’s a lot of Avalanche games on Game Pass now despite their different publishers, I wonder why :giphy:

To add to the speculation…

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I swear this game was already on Game Pass and that’s how I used to play it. But if it’s being added now or again, then yeah it’s suspicious :eyes:

It is always nice to see developers stick with their game to improve it to point of being what looks to be well received by the community. I was reading through a TrueAchievement review that started in May 2019 and was augmented after several large updates.


Hunter was on there before. I played through it pretty extensively, last year.


Wario what are you doing!

Seems like it has been added to Game Pass for PC?

Yeah me too.

Same with Generation Zero!

Looks like we got two Avalanche games making a comeback to Game Pass!:slight_smile:

I’d never even heard of this game, or at least forgot it existed, but I downloaded because, Game Pass, and after only playing like 5 minutes, this totally my kind of game.

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only played to unlock some beginning achievements, but seems like a solid game if you into multiplayer-co-op. It looks great and plays great.