Gears x Halo | Which Halo map could fit in Gears 5 Multiplayer?

I can imagine seeing Master Chief eventually coming to the game, but a map would be even better too.

Which one is your ideal map (from all the current ones) ?

For me, maybe Zanzibar

Ahahahah don’t know but locust craig is awesome!

Maybe Courtyard or Sword Base from Halo Reach? There is a lot of cover on these maps.

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Honestly? Probably none. Completely different games with different mechanics and genres.

Maybe they could create a brand new original map with halo theming?

I still think the best use of a halo character/theme outside of halo is killer instinct, that was an incredible cross over.

& arbiter was incredibly fun, unique, and fit the game surpisingly well.

Craig shop is priceless. I’d be hilarious for him to become a gears skin.

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Way to sidetrack your own thread with that killer shop lol.


Rat’s Nest would fit right in


That photoshop needs to be realised! Would love to see him make an appearance in Gears 5 multi.

On topic: Guardian (Halo3) would be fun to navigate with the classic Gears controls. A tight map with plenty of places to pop around the corner and chainsaw, or snipe from the low tower.

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