Gears Tactics - Xbox Series X Gameplay Trailer

Looking good, can’t wait to play it.

Looks excellent. I’ve had it on the PC for a while now and still haven’t started it. Maybe I’ll finally try it when I get my series X lol.

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I’ll echo everyone here. It’s one of the first games I am going to play. Gotta have Jack on my team. Going to save my gears 5 playthrough for series X too.

2020 seems to be a great year for tactics Xbox fans! :grin:


This has to be 120fps on Series X surely?

See above!

Looks amazing. Can we stop the concern about not seeing games running the X now?

Looks nice. My laptop only runs this at 30fps so this is a welcome upgrade.

I must admit, I usually don’t like turn based stuff but this and Wasteland 3 are managing to convert me slowly. I like the more visceral action of Gears Tactics, so I am looking forward to checking this out on Series X launch.

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The game can be preloaded on Xbox One! I already have it on my home screen, even though I’ll play it with Series X :smirk:

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Yes I’m really impatient to play and hope they make a sequel even deeper in the mechanics like XCom 2

Looks good! It’s funny that 2 of the first Series X games I play will be Gears titles.

Damn I’m so excited for this one. Coming off Wasteland recently, I’m primed to go.

Series X is exactly what I wanted in this games, high frame rates. I wonder if older games like XCOM 2 will get better framerates?

This game does indeed seem to be play anywhere which is great for those starting on PC.