Gears Tactics: Resolution & Framerates for all Xbox Platformes

Hey all!

Here are the Resolution and Framerates for Gears Tactics on all Xbox Consoles!

Small Update: I searched for a good 20min for anything about RT being used but alas I found nothing so safe to say this is without RT :slight_smile:

Source: The Verge


4K/60/60 for me on Xbox Series X.


Hell yeah man!

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so the game booted up for me last night. went through the initial xbox studios and coalition title cards and then showed the ‘you’re too early’ message. Didn’t go to the title cards before

Huh, 1080p on the xbox one is actually pretty good. Like surprisingly good.


It’s very good news overall for all the platforms, I didn’t expect a 60fps mode for the One X too! Man the One X was and still is a beast of a machine, such an amazing console.

Can’t wait to play Gears Tactics! :slight_smile:

A launch game that outside of our bubble nobody wants to talk about which I find very weird personally. I think that Gears Tactics is a really good game (played some missions on PC already).

To me Gears Tactics has even more appeal to me than the main Gears series. But this is maybe founded in the fact that I played more of tactics than Gears 5.