Gears Tactics comes to console on November 10

And in even bigger news…

#GearsTactics comes to console on November 10.

Awesome news! As a tactics fan, I’m beyond excited for this game to be a launch title!



Great game. Plays well with a controller btw. Shouldn’t be any issues.

This is so great. Hopefully it’s play anywhere so I can pick up right from where I was on Pc.

And hopefully on xCloud as well!

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First party launch game!! :wink:

This is great though, I’ve been waiting for the console version to play.

I’m looking forward to checking this out. It will be first real venture in the ‘Tactics’ genre.

What’s the size of this on PC at the moment?

Hello I just checked Steam for you and it says it needs 45GB :slight_smile:

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Still haven’t got around to playing it on PC. Guess I’ll just play on Series X then at this point!


Yes! Great news!

Expected but very good to hear. This is exactly the kind of solid but ultimately B-tier first party title I’m looking for at a console launch lol.

Perfect, can’t wait. Hopefully it runs at 60fos for the next gen devices.

Now I know what I’m playing day one, hype!

I may wait to play this and MFS on my new PC, depending on when I can get my hands on the 3080

Was always expecting this to be a launch title for Xbox Series X and very happy that it’s been made official. Looking forward to playing it.

Perfect that this is gonna be a launch title with the XSX.