GBA coming to switch?

So apparently a insider from other era believes GBA games for switch will be announced tomorrow.

If true ohhh I’m going to play Minish Cap. Would love this to be true soooo much

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GBA era Fire Emblem is the best era of Fire Emblem.

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Holy fucking shit, I hope it’s true. I’d play the hell out of Pokémon Emerald again!

But would GBA support come before Game Boy?

This is what makes it hard to believe, We had NES before SNES.

Also, the original GB would be easier for software emulation, and just makes more sense in general.

I have doubts myself but I want it to be true soooo much

Who is the source? I want it to be true very badly.

no idea I got this from twitter, but not long to wait I guess

Basically the NES and SNES apps were updated to a .0.0 version, but nothing has changed. Apparently, they like to maintain those apps in parity of version, so a GB / GBA app would be dropping tomorrow with a 1.0.0 version.

Yeah, not the greatest source :stuck_out_tongue: But I want to believe!


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