Gaming with kids

So we have a bunch of parents here what games are y’all playing with your kids? Me I have a 12 year old and a 18 year old. My youngest and I have bonded over Halo recently. I wanted to teach her how to play FPS games. So we started playing Firefight. Super cool!


My son is 3 and my daughter is 1 so they obviously aren’t playing anything yet but my son has gotten to the point where he likes to watch certain games and will ask me to play them. I am very excited for the day that I get to play games with my kids though.

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My kids play Stardew Valley and Minecraft 99% of the time. I did co-op some of the Halo campaigns with my older daughter and she played through the whole Mass Effect trilogy as well. :slight_smile:

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FH4 with my 11 year old. We just explore the world and do jumps and stuff, don’t even race.

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Played through the entire Halo saga with my son when he was growing up. It was one of our favourite pastimes. Replaying the games in the MCC using the playlist feature, working up from Easy difficulty to Heroic with him, was so fun & satisfying. We spent many happy hours together & still share a love of Halo to this day.

When he was just wee, I felt the Lego titles were the perfect introduction to gaming. Harry Potter & Star Wars were the ones we played the most but any of them work, to be honest.

These days he is big into online multi-player with his friends, in stuff like Call of Duty, & really has no time for gaming with his old dad anymore :disappointed:


My son and I played through Lego City Undercover on Wii U from start to finish. That was awesome fun and a really great game.


3 year old loves to play Mario Kart on Switch (auto steering etc turned on so it basically plays itself but he enjoys it). He mains Yoshi. 5 year old and I played through Lego Marvel Superheroes on Xbox which he still loves jumping into and messing around in the New York hub. He also enjoys messing around in Super Mario Maker 2 and making me play the levels. I’ve recently broken out the old wii and we’re having good fun with Mario Party 8. Looking forward to them being old enough to really get into Co-op with me.


Given I kick up a stink about this often enough I feel compelled to put some time into this @commanderbuck :slight_smile:

I have 7 and 3 year old daughters, the youngest is still of an age where she is happy to watch, but if my eldest is any guide, that will change soonish.

My eldest likes lots of different things. I’ll craft a list

Perhaps this could act as proof to people that “E” games need not be some Colourful 3D platformer or “Just” Fortnight. Who am I kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

She loves this, but has in recent months gotten a little bored by it. Mechanically its very much her thing but what she would love to do is play properly “with someone” the co-op is so limited that the second player simply follows the first with no agency bores either of us if we are chosen to be them.

Pokemon: Lets Go Eevee

We just got this and she seems to rather enjoy it, though I know nothing about Pokemon so I am literally no help about what she should be doing and how, the Pokemon are cute though and it looks nice, introducing her to some good old fashioned Turn based combat… Good.

Forza Horizon 4

She loves this, she like I just pootles about jumping off the occasional well placed ramp and buying new cars to play with. She gets annoyed at other players online following her when she is “driving properly” despite them being ghosts. Otherwise she loves it.

Party Golf

Someone (maybe @FairyEmpire or @StopIt ) told me to buy this when it was on sale the other month. It is so much fun, akin to Desert golf on phones only with MP (with bots too), free for all with modifiers like sticky balls, fruit balls and so much more. It is loads of fun and it made her wee herself on one occasion from the laughter.

Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise

She adores this too, mostly on creative mode so she can just make a garden and fill it with the Piñata she loves, and move things around, and she doesn’t have to worry about coins. She likes playing the main mode too though, but though the co-op is “OK” like Animal crossing it limits the second player a little too much.

51 Worldwide games

There are some dogs in this bundle but on the whole its huge fun for both of us to play together. I feels stupid since a great many of these games we have physically. But its easy to boot up and play for 30 minutes if we’re out and about or waiting for tea to cook.


We haven’t played this much recently but she loves music and dressing up and playing on the “free play” mode she just loves what she can create easily.

Donut County

She has no idea what’s going on (but do any of us) but she loved playing through this. We occasionally bring it out just to hoover up the levels all over again.

Last but by no means least

Mario Kart 8

Just the perfect game from an early age, options for assistance, and we can play together or she can with her friends (pre covid) and its just fun and visually exciting without being overwhelming (looking at you marvel lego games)

The thing, the main thing I like about every one of these games is that though they are “E” games it does not make them “children’s games” they are not some lazy Paw Patrol platformer tie in they are solid games with levels of depth for all. For me the some of the best games are available to all to enjoy in a myriad ways, that they cater to children as well is not to the detriment of enjoyment for the parent or other adult.


Great thread, and awesome contribution @Cerysnetics! I was the one suggesting Party Golf, at that price it was really unmissable. Some awesome picks, albeit my biggest pickle with 51 Worldwide Games was that only 3 games supported 3 players or more. Astonishing that even something like Bowling, which has been done as 4-player sports by several games before, including Nintendo’s own Wii Sports, only offers 2 players. It’s a shockingly limited game, but a riot for 2 players.


IKR, it seemed a massive oversight for a game which is (and I don’t mean to say it as if the dev team was lazy) otherwise pretty “simple”. Bowling especially would be a hoot 4 player.

And you were sooooooo right on Party Golf.

Great thread and if I get enough time in the week to contribute, will put a few of my suggestions for children of a similar age based off the experience of my minions.

Don’t sleep on Plants Vs Zombies (The first one) people. It’s very very good for children to learn the mechanics of pointing and clicking etc and is usually paced well enough to allow for them to take their time too and not feel too frantic about things.


I was kinda considering Garden warfare too. I played a little for some points once and I dunno it seemed pretty fun to get her into a third person shooter.

HA! I dragged you here! :stuck_out_tongue:


I bought my 5 year old the Paw Patrol Mighty Pups game thinking he would love it and he played it twice before getting bored. Says something when the same boy can play with a toilet roll tube for an hour.

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My eldest (5 in September) isn’t quite able to play in the 3D space well yet for this but loved PvZ Garden Warfare 3 for the look and is able to shoot some zombehs so long as I help them get in front of them!

Very charming and fun little game that for sure should on the list for anyone with Game Pass Ultimate as it’s included with the EA Play side.

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Yeah this was my feeling totally. She saw it once while we browsed the store, and watched some videos on youtube. I still think she would have loved to try it, but watching the video lowered her excitement enough for there to not be a fight about not buying it :smiley:

And yeah my eldest was playing with my glasses case for an hour last night. which is probably 50 minutes more fun than a licensed game would be.

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If your kids just want to watch Untitled Goose Game is definitely a good choice. And I’d bet most kids would like Goat Simulator.


ooo Goat sim is a good idea.


My niece loved World of Goo when she was younger. Fun puzzle game and humor

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First and foremost thank you everyone for these posts! @Cerysnetics amazing write up!

Me and my daughter have played Fuser together and. That was a blast! As a DJ it warms my heart to see my kid dropping beats and using advanced mixing techniques. We don’t share the same tastes in music but it was a fun time had by both of us!