Gaming to help with Depression/Anxiety

Hey XboxEra community.

I have suffered with depression & anxiety since my early teens (I am 25) and it has been pretty severe recently, without going into too much detail I have had suicide issues for a while.

To make a long story short I am looking for some suggestions from people that helped them get there minds off things in dark times.

Anything from GamePass to retail I am open to Single Player & Multiplayer of any genre except Puzzle games :stuck_out_tongue:

Platforms I own: Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, PC (Mid-Range)

Thank you and love you all.

Sorry XboxEra staff if this is not allowed.

Stay Safe

Update: I am overwhelmed by the amount of people reaching out giving me advice and suggestions it’s crazy to me to see so many people care. Thank you all so much and thank you to the XboxEra staff for reaching out and letting me have this post it has really helped and proves how open minded and incredibly nice this site is, Thank you all so much :black_heart:


For me a big single player RPG is the best thing to keep my mind off of things. Gamepass has a lot of them right now. The Yakuza games are goofy and fun and will put a smile on anyone’s face. Dragon Quest 11 is a big meaty 90 hour RPG filled with charm and beautiful bright visuals and then there’s Minecraft which is really the ultimate chill out game. Online games are good too. Getting a crew together and having someone to talk to always helps.


I’m sorry to hear that man, depression sucks. I usually turn to Minecraft (mainly modded on PC) to get me through rough patches. The simplicity of it and the idea that I can build anything gets my mind started and shifts my focus.


That’s though… in bad times I take a group of Friends and play Sea of Thieves…

But it would be helpful if you tell us what you like to play and if it should be singleplayer or multiplayer? I honestly wouldn’t mind to play with you. (Depending on your timezone)


I have only briefly touched Yakuza so I’ll give Yakuza 0 a download :slight_smile:

Never touched a Dragon Quest to be honest, is it more of a traditional JRPG?

Minecraft is a safe suggestion

Thank you!

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I’ll give Minecraft a shot thank you :blush:

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Sea of Thieves is good fun! I have not touched it in a long time so maybe I’ll jump back in! Thank you for the suggestion I’ll update the post :slight_smile:


Dragon Quest is very much a traditional JRPG but with some modern sensibilities. Very charming though. Minecraft is definitely a good call.

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I’ll give it a shot! Thank you my friend

Glad I could help :))


Sorry to hear what you’re going through @JAMIE_ODST. As someone who’s fought off severe anxiety throughout my life, I understand what it’s like to deal with mental health issues. I know several people who’s mental health issues has spiked or reared it’s head severely recently. I think state of the world, isolation and the pandemic have all hit tipping points in addition to what many people already deal with.

Few things I find have helped me:

  • Exercise. Don’t worry about losing weight or getting in shape. Just do it for it’s effect on your brain.
  • Close social media…or block off anything that makes you feel angry, anxious or make you want to argue
  • Find people you can talk to. Gaming can be really good here. To me it’s about finding a good group of people who make you feel good to be around. Sea of Thieves has probably one of the nicest communities of people however any game you can jump on with a bunch of friends and not take too seriously is good. I find Halo custom game nights to be one that’s good for me. Be around people who laugh and accept you as you are.

If you’re ever at a breaking point, feel free to reach out privately.


Hey man!

Yakuza 0 as recommended above is a kickass game that can have your mind relax and have fun! If you are in the mood for something rewarding and even more chill Id recommend trying out New Super Lucky’s Tale on game pass. Super fun and charming game.

Also suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem chief! If you ever need to talk the forum is here!


This genuinely made me tear up abit.

I hope you are coping with it okay at this moment in time man, it is rough and it’s nice to hear from someone who gets it.

The advice is very welcome and will give it all a try

I try to get one hour a day outside as with UK Lockdown rules that’s all I can have but I’ll give some indoor stuff a go.

I actually closed down my facebook due to it giving me issues, sound advice.

I might have to reach out to meet some new people online my real life friends are not into the same stuff I am and honestly don’t really take me seriously when it comes to my health.

Maybe I’ll try and group up some people for Halo on here sometime.

Thank you for reaching with this reply. Means a ton. Stay safe


I got Yakuza 0 on download!

Ya know what I have eyed up Super Luckys Tale for a while I’ll give it a go!

I’ll keep that in mind bud. Thank you

You’re welcome…and we’ll be doing a public Halo game night soon. Feel free to join up or look me up on XBL. My gamertag is same as username here (OneBadMutha).


That sounds great to me! I’ll throw you a add. Thanks again man

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As someone who has gone through the same stuff (and still is), I started to lose interest in everything, even gaming to an extent (I was simply tired of those lifeless, bloated open-world games). However, playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon gave me a spark that rejuvenated my interest in gaming. That game is just full of charm. I genuinely enjoyed every minute I spent in that game, something that hasn’t happened to me in so long prior to that. It really helped me take my mind off things when I was sad or pissed off at myself. I recently finished Yakuza 0, and that game is just as good. Currently playing Yakuza Kiwami, and I’m planning on buying Judgment when that releases for Xbox.

Seeing that you also own a Switch, I would recommend games like Xenoblade Chronicles and Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Animal Crossing is another good one to spend your time and relax. Nintendo games also have a lot of charm in them.


Sorry you have to go through it man it’s rough and even worse when no one around you understands hopefully you have loved ones that help you out.

I also went through a period of hating bloated open worlds and still kinda am now but it’s been a while so I don’t mind trying another.

I am looking forward to diving into Yakuza 0! Ooo I completely forgot about Fire Emblem I nearly bought it last year, I’ll go have a look at that! Thanks for the suggestions! Animal Crossing I played a ton last year but lost interest recently sadly.

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I know that feeling and I hate it. I barely have anyone in my life and the ones I do either don’t give a shit or don’t believe me. Even the one friend I thought I could trust, who even got diagnosed with depression himself, said that “I don’t look like someone who has depression”.

But sorry about that, I hope you have fun with Yakuza 0!

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Funny you mention it. Yakuza LAD was the game I needed in late 2020. For someone looking for a single player experience, definitely give it a chance. It had a lot of heart and charm. I’ve never been into Yakuza and hadn’t played Japanese RPGs for over 2 decades. This game just clicked and I couldn’t explain it. If you want a story that brings out good emotions, this is a great game.