Gaming Deals Thread

Not that I’m aware of, but it’s essentially a store owned by Amazon so who knows. It’s just that I feel like I’ve got too many headphones already. If I knew this worked well for teams calls as well as xbox and did muting of other voices on my end so it didn’t pick up people here when I’m on calls, I might try it

What’s everyone buying in the Black Friday Sale? It runs from now until November 30th. There’s also a rewards punch card for the sale, spend $50 and earn 2,500 in points. Be sure to activate it before spending.

Im planning on picking up Ghosts 'N Goblins Resurrection for $15. I might get the Wasteland 3 Colorado Collection for $12.49 as well. I was looking at The DioField Chronicle but I think i’ll wait on it. It might get cheaper when the Christmas Sale rolls around.


Last time it was $40 and 4,000 MS points. Before that something like $35 and 5,000 MS points.

Even the punch card is hit by inflation. :doge:


Yeah, the points are getting sadder. $50 isn’t too hard to reach though, I’m sure I’ll find something.

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For people who are able to purchase credit ahead of needing it, Newegg has $100 Xbox e-giftcards (which I know from experience can be used towards basically anything Microsoft sells including Surface devices, movies and TV, games, Xbox devices, etc.) on sale for a 13.12% discount. You can buy up to five $100 e-giftcards for a total cost of $434.40 using the code below which may automatically apply itself.

I personally love buying credit like this on sale and then waiting for discounts on games I want because it means I’m able to get an even bigger discount.

This may not be for everyone, as you need to be able to afford to buy it upfront before you need it, but if you are in that position, this is a great deal.



If anyone is looking to buy the Seagate storage cards, looks like there is a promo rebate in the firm of an Xbox gift card of 10, 20, or $40 depending on which sized card you buy. Info is here

Edit: it looks like they only have a few for each so don’t count on this one. Didn’t notice that at first.


Thank you :pray:

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Hope it works out!

It’s $20 for $25 gift card. Today only.

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In case you prefer Amazon over Target.




Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller - Pulse Red $39.99

In case anyone looking didn’t already find a good deal, Woot (owned by Amazon) has new Series S consoles listed for $219.99

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I’m going to get a Series X, soon but I’m thinking of grabbing a Series S basically just for the extra HD space and another controller,

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There are other things on sale in gaming still, but Best Buy has a daily gaming sale that has some really cheap headsets for Xbox today. No clue what they’re like, but if you want audio very cheap…

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