Gaming Books, Figures, and other collectibles |OT|

Hi all!

  • Are you a slave to nostalgia?
  • Do you still think 1970 was only 30 years ago?
  • Do you have bookshelves standing empty apart from copies of The lord of the Rings that you haven’t ever read because there is so much bloody singing?
  • Do you like books?
  • Do you like plastic tat gathering dust?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes” then have I got the thread for you!

So I like a nice hardback book, glossy pages beautiful art, what some will wankily refer to as a “coffee table” book. I love the look of a full bookshelf and the feel of one in your hand with a cup of tea. My nana used to have so many illustrated books we used to love flicking through as children.

In amongst ours I have a few small volumes I like

Death Stranding, Mass Effect, Guild wars.


And some I really covet

Remember Me. - Its 90 quid usually!


I don’t typically go out of my way, I’ll grab something I see on sale or looks pretty but I will keep an eye on both Read Only Memory and Bitmap Books, alongside DataDiscs some companies that have produced some really good looking tat over the years to decorate my house :slight_smile:

Both Bitmap and Read Only also create retrospectives on genres or platforms which (well the ones I own anyway) have been a great read.

[] [] []

My Daughter is really engaged by the art in the CRPG games book from Bitmap

So does anyone else collect a good artbook? Any favourites to recommend or any sites that perhaps sell such things or other collectibles and art, I know our own @TavishHill has an etsy store selling beautiful pieces.

Engage! Please :slight_smile:


As a first reply I made this thread really as I had an alert that the following is available for order at Bitmap Books.

Now I am not a JRPG die hard but previous titles have been great so perhaps it may be up someone’s street.

Of course just incase anyone asks, I am in no way affiliated with any seller anywhere about finding willing saps to part with their hard earned cash, I just like some nice looking books and stuff.

And amiibo, for some ridiculous reason, I mean I don’t even like Nintendo games that much :slight_smile:


I’m not huge into artbooks generally, but I do keep a few favorites on the shelf. Alice: Madness Returns; several Final Fantasy books including Yoshitaka Amano: The Sky and most of the FF14 artbooks; and what’s probably my favorite, Shigenori Soejima Art Works 2004-2010, with art from Persona 3 and 4 and Stella Deus. I could page through that book all day.

In terms of figurines, again it’s not really my thing generally, but I do quite like toys-to-life figures and have a pretty big collection of Lego Dimensions and Disney Infinity from back when those games were in their heyday.

I finally opened up all my Dimensions sets maybe 2 months or so back, put them all together and got some scrapbooking storage containers to store them in. I’m missing a few, but not too many.

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