Gamestop -$GME - Stock Madness MegaThread

I did not have Gamestop exposes United States broken economic and financial systems on my 2021 Bingo Card.

This is some shit man.

Let’s talk about it.

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Can someone explain this, I’m trying to figure out, but still lost. Is there any time line of events?

This is something I could find:

I’m nowhere near educated about this enough but from my limited understand:

  • Hedgefun undervalue GameStop stock prices
  • WallStreetBets somehow decided to meme this stock
  • GameStop becomes a Fortune 500 Company as stock prices hit 420 dollars a share at one point.
  • Robinhood and some trading apps now limiting trading on $GME
  • Hedgefun companies and billionaires are now upset that the stock market has been hijacked by Memelords making big bucks now.
  • WallStreetBets now memeing Blackberry, AMC and other stocks to the heavens.
  • Gamestop still only offering 1.25 for Madden 21.

Too late to take advantage of this, I assume?

Bruh, I don’t have a fucking clue man.

Respect for admitting it. Since the US government is turning its baleful eye to this, it’s probably best to steer clear anyway.

The best thing about this is a hedge fund asking for more regulation. You can’t make this up

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I have not read all of this, but the domain name made me chuckle. This has a section that looks to try to explain what’s happening:

Ive made some money trading Gamestop the past week, but this is not a sustainable situation off course. So I would not recommend buying Gamestop, or any of the other meme-shares. The WSB-clan has a certain goal with this, from what i know. But we are talking about real money here, and I see people putting in money they cant afford to loose. Please don’t do that.

Once the stock starts to fall, you are already too late. You own some stock and have profit in it? I would recommend selling your shares. If you are convinced of the good cause behind the /WSB guys, then do this with money you are willing to loose.