Gamescom 2020: Opening Night Live (August 27th) is 2 hours long, will feature 20+ games

"The preparations for the world’s largest event for computer and video games are in full swing. Numerous companies have already confirmed their digital participation as partners of gamescom 2020.

We look forward to a successful gamescom 2020 with our partners and will keep you up to date on the latest commitments below."

Partners of gamescom 2020 (full list inside)

What do you hope to see?

Bandai Namco will be present so we can assume the probable presence of Elden Ring and Tales Of Arise hopefully…

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Maybe this is where we’ll see the Game Pass news if there’s any

Maybe even Initiative’s game

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Concerning GamePass news I tend to agree with you on it.

For The Initiative’s projects, I think MS will probably wait till XO20.

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Is this going to be for Age of Empires?

Hmm, no mention of Sony, either on that front page or the big list of partners. They were highly speculated to be showing stuff in August, and we only have 10 more days left of August. Wonder if some studios will drop some ps5 exclusive/timed exclusive titles, Final Fantasy 16 was rumoured, and the silent hill rumour still wont die

As for Xbox, id say gamepass news is safe bet, now series S info has been moved to september and ita too soon after the lasy event to show any more first party titles. That being said, one or two xbox surprises could help regain some series X momentum

Sony tendentially skips GamesCom. It does surprise me however that such a digital event where they only would have needed to send in a trailer “for free” they’re still skipping, apparently. I get the logistics nightmare of “real” GamesComs for a Japanese company, but it’s hard to find good reasons not to drop something here.

I really really hope Elden Ring is there cuz Bandai shall be presenting. :pleading_face:

Will there even be an XO20?

I’m doubtful because XO is all about live demos and celebration of the fandom. Unless they come down to Australia because QLD is practically COVID free.

But even then they couldn’t have the international travel they’d want

We still don’t know yet but they’ll probably try to do a digital event of some sort.

Tales of Arise pleeeease

It creates expectations for future (non-digital) gamescoms.

Strategically, sony is not investing in gamescom. E3 was enough for them to reach a non-japanese audience, and now (since they started skipping E3) they realize they can do that via State of Plays with similar reach.

I’m not expecting much to be honest but I am happy that there will be a showcase. Tomorrow is the DC stuff, Tuesday is Outriders Broadcast #3, Wednesday is COD, Thursday is Gamescom.

September will hopefully have some kind of Xbox event, a PlayStation event and Ubisoft Forward #2. Combined with the few games im playing between now and the end of October, let’s have the time go fast. I want my Series X already!!! Hehehe. lol.


I’m hoping at some point, whether it’s Gamescom or another event, Microsoft has a show where they pull everything together. They are the ones right now who are diverting from the more traditional path of iterative console launches to a more device agnostic ecosystem. It’s time for them to show it, demonstrate that what it means for gamers, and explain why the Series X (and S) are an integral part of their vision.

They can’t assume that people will be able to put everything together-- I’ve been following it closely over the past few months and between Gamepass as a service, GP Day one launches, xCloud, cross-play, play anywhere, the new interface, etc I would be hard pressed to give a complete picture. I can’t imagine how how someone who doesn’t really follow gaming would do it without Microsoft holding their hand and doing almost Wii-like demonstrations of how everything is going to work.

A lot of things has changed, but originally, i was expecting Elden Ring at Gamescom (or Tokyo Games Show). Heard months ago that Bandai has some good stuff to show on Open Night Live, but now, could be related to Captain Tsubasa, or even Scarlet Nexus…

Anyway, it will be a great show, specially for 3rd party studios.

I forgot I even preordered that game, looked so good, but then vanished completely.

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Batman soon everyone! Court Of Owls arc most probably and cross gen. Hope it will be great!

I sincerely hope Age of Empires isn’t the only XGS game at Gamescom, unless they announce console ports. Promoting Xbox as part of the show and only having AoE for PC, especially in the wake of the Halo delay, would be a nightmare. I enjoyed what I played of 2 though so excited to see what Loftis and her team up up their sleeves.

I know im late responding, yeah I know Sony usually skips gamescom but like you i thought with the event being mostly digital and with this being the year of the next gen consoles and with talk about SOny having exciting announcement in August, that they would attempt to make some appearance

That being said, last year they still had death stranding gameplay, some dreams stuff and another exclusive VR game whose name i cant remember, so even though Sony wont be there in person, it doesnt mean they wont be announcing or displaying more of some Sony title

Plus, last year during gamescom Insomniac announced during the show about the Sony acqusition, which was one of the biggest announcements of the night, stealing the spotlight from everyone else, especially Microsoft. Still dont know if that was planned or completely coincidential, and i wonder if it will happen again

Wasn’t Sony at Gamescom’s show last year with Death Stranding?