Games to play when tired?

Xboxera, help me!

What games would you suggest to stay awake, you know , for those evenings when you struggle to stay awake and don’t want to fall asleep?

I would love to carry one playing Halo campaigns, but there is too much going on and it requires too much concentration. I would love to play something more suited to evening/night time like yakuza, but because the story does not require attention, I fall sleep miserably, even if the plot is interesting!

So it has to be relaxing but interesting or I fall asleep, it has to have events but not too much going on because my brain does not want to cope with too much stuff.

Any suggestions?

Battle royales work for me. Most of them have a low-attention period (early-match, you focus on points of interest, finding weapons on well-known areas) and a transition to medium,high-attention period (end of match, gun fight… not a lot of people to fight at the same time). And you can always go to hot areas at the beginning of the match if you need to tweak the attention cycle.

It seems that fortnite has recently added some bots to casual modes. Those are usually found early in the match. Easy to deal with, but they introduce some randomness on the attention cycle.

Haven’t found any other game that do not fall into the “too much text” (e.g. yakuza), “too much action” or “i have beaten this game so many times that I know immediately what to do” categories.