Games that MS should absolutely try to get on Game Pass Day 1

Games that haven’t been released but MS should absolutely make an effort to get on Game Pass day 1

I’ll go first

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Street Fighter 6. Or as close to launch as possible (Scarlet Nexus taking 2 months for example). While I remain 100% confident the game will hit Xbox, MS should take an opportunity here to straight up revive the FGC on Xbox. Getting this on Game Pass ASAP would help a lot. Also make sure to lock down marketing rights. If Xbox could get heavy marketing rights on DMC5 from Capcom in 2018 when the Xbox brand was widely considered dead (their comeback basically only started in the very E3 show where this happened), it should be even easier now in the current Xbox climate.

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That’s highly unlikely to happen with Sony’s current strong position in the FGC/Evo, Sony marketing rights is almost a lock at this point even if the game will also come to Xbox (and I am not so sure about that happening). Also there will be probably again a “you can’t release the title on GP for X amount of time” agreement in the marketing deal somewhere. :phil_unsure:

Back on topic the Klonoa collection will be a great get for GP since the service needs more high quality E-rated content.

King of Fighters XV

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Elden Ring :philwins:

So uh not really sure where to post this but i was wondering how games like danganronpa where doing on xbox. I know its far from ideal but i had a look at trueachievement player numbers for the game and seens like it only has 4700 players. Thats not a lot…certainly not when u compare it to other games released on gp at roughly the same time. Serious sam got like 33000 and the gunk 55000. Oh well gonna have to hope the other mobile port also gets released on xbox…

The gunk and ss4 are easy quick completions tho so that might be pzrt of the reason

There’s already a thread on this topic