Games like Sunset Overdrive

When I was listening to Phil on Animal Talking he mentioned he liked punk music and I have always said that Sunset Overdrive was one of the most Punk Rock games on Xbox. The music, the style, the gameplay and weapons. It all screamed punk rock to me. My favorite part was the different animations of when the player came back after they died. My question is if there are any games on Xbox like it?

I’m not a fan of punk music…but damn do those clips make me want to pick SSOD up again. Sad it didn’t get that 4K update. One of the most refreshing gems of this generarion. Especially in hindsight.

It’s not exactly the same, but the gameplay is similar (traversing through the map without touching the ground + superpowers + odd humour): Saints Row IV. Sunset Overdrive is better, though.

Sunset Overdrive is top tier. Kinda sad Insomniac is doing Spiderman. They could make soo much more.