Games coming out are coming in hot down to the wire

Puts into perspective why games like halo infinite, cyberpunk2077, dying light 2, the medium etc keep getting delayed devs need more time and we need to respect that

Hot like a heat lamp and wire like web-swinging, gotcha.

All joking aside, all my sympathy to the poor devs who are working hard in this unprecedented disaster and still expected to deliver flawless work for what’s essentially an arbitrary date. I will always always ALWAYS want games to be delayed rather than getting them early and buggier. I’ve read that delays lead to more crunch though, so I’m not sure what the best scenario is :frowning:

I’m sure that fixes for Miles Morales will come very soon. I’m glad I’m waiting a bit to play it.

(Is that Avast in your notification bar?)


You’re absolutely right man. Insomniac is not known for bugs and crashes, not that I know of. Was surprised to see Karak mention this.

Sometimes it’s easy to underestimate what this damn virus has really caused. Phil Spencer warned us about it too for the future games in terms of games that make use of motion capture.

Yea sunset overdrive was pretty polished experience from what I remember playing it

While im surprised that Miles Morales has some bugs, glitches and crashes in it, im pretty sure that was without the day one patch. So for gamers come Thursday, they will be fine.

I wasn’t able to snag a PS5 pre-order but man, I really want to play Miles Morales. If I can’t snag a PS5 this week, then Spring it is.

I asked Tom Warren if WDL runs great now without crashing every 30 seconds, because another patch apparently was planned for tomorrow or Tuesday.

Good point, I forgot to take that it’s technically pre-release into consideration! I’m eager to get my hands on it too, but it’ll have to be on PS4.

Yes, I think that the games industry will be feeling the effects of this for a while yet. Best that we temper our expectations, I think. Still tons to play :grin:

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You can say that again!

Personally I have some real gems still in my backlog. RDR2, AC Origins and Oddysey, and so on.


Yep im a patient man I’ve got games i can play in the meantime while waiting for cyberpunk2077 and halo infinite