Gamers, Would You Rather... (Poll)

Gamers, Would You Rather…

Have Epic Games be owned by Microsoft/XBox, Amazon/Luna, Apple/Apple Arcade or Tencent?

  • Microsoft/XBox
  • Amazon/Luna
  • Apple
  • Tencent

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Fixed :smiling_face:


Microsoft. Mainly because they use Unreal Engine for some of their games and I wouldn’t want to see them possibly lose access to the engine.

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Honestly, Amazon, for competition’s sake. MS owning ABK AND Epic will give them 6-7 games of the top GaaS performers, a competing PC storefront, Unreal Engine and other industrywide tools that would make Microsoft’s creator ecosystem (joined with Game Stack) unparalleled.

Epic and Valve/Steam are two acquisitions that I would look at as possibly concerning if MS were to acquire them.


There isn’t a single company that could possibly acquire Epic/UE and stop licensing the engine to other parties. That’s its whole business model.

But if they’re selling to another company, that company may nix all that shit. Either way, I would still choose Microsoft.

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Stuff like that wouldn’t even be attempted but even if it were for whatever reason, it wouldn’t be allowed. Imagine Photoshop was made exclusive to an Adobe OS or something like that. It would be madness.

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I think even if regulatory bodies didn’t stop that from happening, whoever would be buying wouldn’t be dumb enough to do such a thing

They’d be throwing away UE’s entire revenue

As for the poll, I wouldn’t want Xbox to own it because the more they own, the less chance they have of acquiring something I actually want and the other 3 are just awful options

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Dont care about epic games anymore. But would be hilarious for MS to own Unreal engine.

I don’t trust anyone that types Xbox as XBox.


This is a tough one! For me this is a question of who would keep unreal engine open source?!?! I dont think any of them will :sob:

I don’t think it’s technically open source because the license is too restrictive. That said, I agree that I don’t think any platform holder should control it, so I picked Tencent.