Game setting ideas for devs

What game setting ideas do you have for game developers that you think would be great for a game? My one would be a Myan or Aztec game. Something like Apocalypto in a game. Seeing how well Mexico is looking on FH5, this would be a stunning backdrop for a game.

@ProgStopper would you do the honors for Gears: Carmines ?

I need a spy game, infiltrations, preparations awesome gadgets and vehicles.

Semi-open world modern day, various main cities across the globe where you have to search for clues yourself.

Perfect Dark?


Perfect dark is a more tailored story. Hitman is an assassination game, it’s more about investigation, exploration and stuff, killing is your last resort.

Also a 3rd person game. maybe a TPS immersive sim?

Heroic fantasy with monsters, dragons, magic powers, swords, fantastical landscapes etc I mean Fable lol

I wish some game dev would step up and give us the Open world RPG that is so obvious it should have been made already

EVERY single RPG or fantasy game borrows from this, Why have we not gotten an open world RPG based on King Arthur?

I mean medieval fantasy started with this.

I want an Open World RPG based on king Arthur that follows the story and look and mood of the movie Excalibur.

The game could be split up into 3 sections

  1. Pre Arthur and Young Arthur
  2. Building a Kingdom, Arthur in his prime, could be some battle strategy elements where Arthur has to unite the country and defeat other armies and form the knights of the round table
  3. Quest for the Holy Grail - Arthur and the land is in decline, the Knights of the roundtable go on a quest for the holy Grail to save their king and the land

The game pretty much writes itself


I guess it’s just hard for studios to pitch a game like this to publishers, it’s sounds way too “risky” for suits besides being a great idea actually.

don’t worry you’ll get this in the form of a bloated Assassin’s Creed game. Just wait a bit.

A battle royale that subverts the genre. Humanize my avatar, break free from the parameters of the game. Tell a story, discover a conspiracy.

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A Robin Hood game in the style of Assassins Creed Valhalla and some of the gameplay mechanics from Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Or a Robin Hood Single Player game along the narrative lines of A Plague Tale story telling.

A single player/Co-Op game like SOCOM or earlier Rainbow Six games, with randomly generated missions from different theaters around the world… Afghanistan, Middle East, South America/Mexico drug cartels, Africa etc.

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I want a cinematographic linear fantasy game. It could be an adventure game with some RPG’s elements or a full blown RPG. Something like Final Fantasy X. A linear fantasy game where you can still have a lot of exploration and a sense of adventure.

It just seems like every AAA fantasy game right now is open world, I just want something more linear lol.

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An Elder Scrolls linear, single player story driven game set within that world, would be a blockbuster.

Fighting Trolls, Giants, Vampires etc… boss fights would be amazing.