Game Renting |OT| New games, without full price

With games leaning into a higher price range of, say £70 each - buying games full price just does not seem worth it unless you get 70+hrs out of it.

I have been renting games for the last 2 years and there is never a problem. In this thread we talk about where we rent from, and what’s in our top 10 list of games we want to rent, and perhaps why.

I personally use a website called Boomerang - they deliver games to your door, you beat them and just send them back for free through a post box.

You earn points which can be used for free months, or bonus game rentals. 8-ED01396-263-C-4220-9268-FF61976-EFDA9

PS: If you do want to give Boomerang a free trial and also want to help me for suggesting it and saving you a lot of money, please open this spoiler: PM me your email address and name and I’ll send you a free trial and also will get a free month which would help as I’m broke atm l 41-B6-ABF8-C97-D-43-A9-98-CD-5-F897-E795-A0-D

So, I’ll start with my top 6 games on rent:


Watch Dogs: Legion- Not worth £70, IMO probably around £30 atm. Definitely rental material.

CoD Cold War- Will only play campaign as Multiplayer is dead because of BR which is free. So probably £10 value for campaign IMO.

Yakuza LaD- Looks like a lot of fun, and probably worth the most value for playtime out of this whole list. Not sure on the RPG part, but love the DUB.

Maneater- Honestly? Will probably be on Gamepass in the future but looks like some good mindless fun.

MK11- Don’t really like fighting games any more but this one does look fun, so if I only get a few hours out of it I can send it back.

FF Lightning Returns- Literally the only Final Fantasy game I’ve never played and it’s £20 minimum for a Xbox 360 game. :sweat_smile:

What about you peeps?

This reminds me of the old days, when you could still go to the local library and loan games there. But it has been ages since the last time I did this (SNES/N64 era). Don’t even think such a service is around where I live.

But due to Game Pass I also dont have the need currently to try out a lot of games. I have already more available than I could ever play.

I do miss those days. It’s still available but it’s all online now. Gamepass is absolutely amazing, but for newer games like Valhalla, Cyberpunk, etc those will take months or maybe years to be added. Just a nice alternative to paying full price for those who cannot wait I suppose.