Game Pass Wave Two for April 2024 has 6 games


For anyone who hasn’t played Orcs Must Die 3 it’s a fantastic little game, super fun in co-op - maybe perfect for a XboxEra stream? wink wink


Was the 1st one a XBLA 360 era game? I think I own that but I never played it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

About the new batch, really interested in Crab Souls and Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes! Have A Nice Death looks neat too!

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Yes I think it was in Xbox Arcade! The 3rd was actually exclusive to Stadia originally but fortunately went to other platforms.

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A bit meh. I have plenty to play though and nothing leaving I care about so that’s always nice.



Eiyuden, NHL and Manor Lords for sure.

Yep where’s fallen order 2

Hasn’t been a full year yet, which is when EA’s biggest games hit EA Play.

Just saw a post on OtherERA and it looks like it has shown up on EA Play for PS, so maybe it’s coming shortly.

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