Game Pass Ultimate expires tomorrow! What should I do?

My son’s ultimate is set to end tomorrow and I would usually just get him a 12 month code but with all the rumors of Live going away and the 6 and 12 month option being discontinued, what should I do? He used his $1 trick last time to get game pass ultimate, so I don’t think I can buy a 3 month live and upgrade it to ultimate for a dollar so what should I do?

You want to play on xCoud for free? Keep Ultimate. You game also on PC (occasionally)? Keep Ultimate

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if you and your son play mainly on console or mainly PC I would say just to go with that sub but if you use both platforms and maybe even interested in xcloud I would say just go ahead and get the Ultimate sub again its well worth it imo, we are getting like 4 games from first party studios this month alone.

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Thanks, let me clarify my situation though. So I have Ultimate through 2022, my console is good. My son can share game pass off of my Xbox but my daughter shares off of him so if he doesn’t have live or game pass she can’t play.

We all have Apple products, so we can’t really play XCloud right now.

My question was more in line with should I just get a Live gold for 3 months, get gamepass, do monthly, try to find a way to do the $1 trick again, go buy a cheap 12 month online somewhere, etc. I really don’t want to buy something that will be worthless in a couple of months. Then again I don’t want to spend $15 a month for something I could be saving money on… I guess I’ll just do month to month but I feel there is a better way lol :smile:

I thought the advice was to let it expire, then stack up on Gold for 3 years, then upgrade back to Ultimate, which would be $15 this time since you already did the $1 upgrade (not sure on this, maybe you can do $1 again??). Has anyone done this yet? I think most did this initially and subs will expire in 2022.

You shouldn’t be able to do this again.

I did the $1 thing the right way but my son, yeah… He didn’t re-up his live gold prior to doing the $1 trick, so I don’t know if he can do that again.

I’ve stacked up on 3 month Game Pass Ultimate codes into spring 2021 through sales (I’m in Canada, BTW). I’ve bought digital codes from Best Buy, Costco and CDKeys for usually around half price at different times throughout the year.

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