Game Pass Ultimate+EA Play, games are shared, trials aren't?

So I am the primary user of GPU and I use game sharing with my brother so he’s the secondary user.

He can browse Game Pass fine and play any game, including EA ones like the last NFS. But he downloaded the trial of Battlefield and he gets the error " do you own this game…"

Very unfortunate. Is this normal for EA trials? He had the same with the beta but we really hoped this wouldn’t be the same for that ten hour trial. If anyone knows how we can get this to work we’d love to know.

Yeah it’s normal. It makes sense, otherwise you’d be easily extending your trial with multiple accounts which is obviously something they don’t want you to do.

Yeah, it’s just that I could swear me and my brother years ago playing Battlefront 2 trial at the same time, but I’m wrong with that. It does make sense.

And he can’t log into my account and then play it while I’m away and logged out? So that he can at least give it a try for 5 hours or so?

Don’t know but I doubt it

Yep, same thing with Fifa. Couldn’t play the trial on my kid’s account, only on the GpU account.

Well my brother managed to get it working, as long as I don’t want to play any other game.

He added me as a guest and was able to play the trial that way. And I could still log in but when I tried to play a game it said I was already playing a game.