Game Pass tiers and pricing changes announced for September

No, they said it wouldn’t go up as a direct result of the merger and that their customers are price sensitive, that not all users will play Call of Duty. They didn’t say wouldn’t go up soon. This does seem like poor timing since it is matching up with them releasing back catalog, but we also don’t know the exact reasons so can’t say it’s specifically from that and not from other costs or something.

For all we know, some of the reasons for this increase could be a knock on effect of the stuff they ended up having to do with Ubisoft getting streaming rights, which could also have led to some of the delays in adding the content to game pass. We just don’t know enough to really be able to do more than guess.

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Well it’s still the best subscription, by far in the case of the PC version, i agree tho it’s not that no brainer that you’d have to get even if you weren’t the kind of player that wants to try many new games and just focuses on specific genres or games that end up being gems.

And if i recall correctly what they said is that they wouldn’t raise it’s price just because of this acquistion and the addition of CoD, which yea, it was a lie, even if they say now that this wasn’t because of it, it’s quite obvious

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Given ABK has outperformed this year and the rest has performed below expectations, I think pricing would have shifted no matter what.

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I’m just saying that people tend to be quick to assume that correlation is causation, and also tend to strongly buy into confirmation biases. Things typically aren’t quite as single faceted as we like to assume.


Yeah Xbox/Bethesda hasn’t given Microsoft the money they want. Xbox Series consoles not selling. Gamepass has stalled. Satya and Amy Hood need more money and growth quickly.

Sure, I was agreeing with you and adding another example to the fire.

Yes, none of us know all the dimensions of decision making within Microsoft and presumably even many folks at Microsoft don’t know them all.

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Yeah, I’d even go so far as to guess that the vast majority wouldn’t know all of the details.

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I don’t count every first party released, but games I do want to play and would’ve bought.

Phil reposted it.


Here’s my personal take. According to TA, I have completed about four GPU games each month so far this year. That comes out to $5 per game at $20 a month. That seems quite reasonable to me, especially since it doesn’t include games I continue to play or games that I didn’t complete, but enjoyed playing nonetheless. I can’t go to a movie, concert, or comedy show for that. Also, I don’t think I have ever paid full price for GPU. At my last reup, I paid about $8 per month. Granted, I have a lot of time to play and enjoy a lot of different types of games, so GPU has value for me. However, I can see that some gamers won’t have that same stance.


Its still the only subscription giving me day 1 games and is miles ahead of the competition in general when it comes to what the service provides vs the cost, so no I wouldn’t just say it’s just another sub but hey, this is subjective so if it’s no longer worth it to you, fair enough

as for the court stuff, no, they didn’t say that, the price was going to go up regardless of ABK


Yeah that’s what I’m saying, for a long time it wasn’t subjective, if you were a gamer without gamepass you were simply missing out, that’s not the case any more.

And them saying the price wouldn’t go up because of the merger, when it did go up and we can’t know why, it’s safe to assume the merger played a big role in that happening. What I mean is that at this point people should take for granted that anybody at any role in ms will lie or go back on things they say today because they simply can’t do otherwise, so only actions should matter, anybody saying “we are all in on consoles” and stuff like that should be taken with a massive grain of salt because who knows if even they themselves know what tomorrow will bring.

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Massive inflation, and games are taking much longer to make. Prices were going to go up no matter what dude. Ubisoft plus is 18$ for just Ubisoft games. Gamepass has always been under priced


You said it. The way all this is going you would think Game Pass price went to 50 or more. That said I do wonder maybe they could have made Game Pass standard have day one games but included ads in it. That way the ads make up the 5 bucks taking it to the ultimate level. Basically Game pass ultimate with AD support.

Ultimate gives you cloud gaming and PC Gamepass as well as online gaming, I honestly do not understand how they couldn’t leave day 1 games in standard Gamepass as that’s basically all it is.

Actually I know they reason; it’s to force people to upgrade to the higher tier. But I think it’d be consumer goodwill to leave day 1 as part of normal Gamepass.

Console is and was a bad deal for most people who at some point want to play a non-f2p game online. Over 90% of console users are on ultimate already, which should make that clear.


How many months of ultimate would a 12 month game pass core code convert to?

I believe it should be 8 months ultimate. Can anyone confirm?

3:2 ratio I believe

Who can afford this hobby in this economy? If the math makes sense to Xbox, it makes sense to my budget.

It’s not about the money, it’s about what you get for the money.

I think something people are overlooking here is many (most?) of the people who subscribe to Gamepass do so because it’s a key service on their Xbox console & it’s a pretty good deal.

But when the price rises the way it has done (from 12.99 euros up to 17.99 euros in France over the past year), the question I ask myself & expect others to ask as well is “what else could I get for that money?”. I mean throw a few more euros in there & I can pick up Cyberpunk 2077 & keep it forever. That’s just one example.

If a subscription service which gives me one month access isn’t demonstrably cheaper than actually buying some great games & owning them… then I’m sort of no longer particularly interested.

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