Game Pass advert featuring Falcon and the Winter Soldier


Damn that is such a great advert, especially for a Marvel nerd like me. I cannot wait to see Sam don the shield on screen for the first time as the new Cap!

@TheRayTracer constantly putting out some of the most positive content on the forums :slight_smile:

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Good ad. I like it how it links in the events of the MCU into the fact Game Pass gives you access to hundreds of titles.

In regards to the show, I hope it is as good as Wanda vision.


and ones you’re LttP with as well :slight_smile:

Fun advert.

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I skip ads with prejudice and have no cable or over-the-air broadcasts. This was a fun advertisement! I thought it would be a subtle Xbox billboard in the back or something. Wrong! Great tie-in. :laughing:

4.5 million views on YouTube!

I loved that ad.

Really clever way of advertising Game Pass and Disney+ in one go.