Game Pass adding MLB The Show 24, Control Ultimate Edition, and 4 more to start March


Huh, pretty boring lineup–

No More heroes 3

I would’ve led with this.

MLB the Show is a massive SEO draw, No More Heroes 3 is not

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I have wondered how much they pay for MLB for a while. Did that happen to be in that leak with prices discussed?

Don’t think so, no.

Played NMH3 when it was new on Switch and found it to be kind of a wet fart to end the series tbh

SEO draw

I don’t know what to tell you bro I don’t have stocks in MS, seeing further japanese support through GP interests ME more than wahtever SEO’s referring to

You said you would have led with No More Heroes 3. I chose to lead with MLB the Show because it will get us more traffic. That’s all, nothing complicated.


Oh that’s what SEO refers to? damn, crazy. that’s the game ig

Yep, Search Engine Optimization, aka how google destroyed the internet


MLB the Show has definitely helped to justify my Gamepass Subscription. Huge game for some of us :slightly_smiling_face: :baseball:


Rather than adding all this games I would love if they could go on a campaign to either bring all Xbox library to PC or ensure all Xbox games are Play Anywhere.

Waste of time and money. Aside from a dozen or so 360 games and a few xbox one games they are all on PC. This was asked before and it would take an enoumosu amount of time to emulate or port those games

Also what do you mean rather…so lets ignore adding games to a service for no reason…

The most important thing MS are doing right now is making all owned games playable via cloud

So you could stream those games on your PC anyway if you bought them on Xbox.

As for GP…not bad week but diablo 4 sort of takes away from what else could come this month. April mightbbe floodgate for more ATB games though

I’m actually planning to play a couple of these, so glad they are aware that people have different tastes. Diablo isn’t really my thing and don’t need a huge game at the moment as I’m also playing my backlog.


Different people have suggested different ways of solving this like an Xbox OS. I do understand what you’re saying. However, I have no intention of playing games on the Cloud when I’m on the GO. You say all these games are on PC, but they aren’t. Many that I have looked up on the Steam store are simply not there and the Microsoft or Windows store for PC is barren, No EA, Ubisoft, Rockstar or major publisher games there to buy heck even ABK has no games on it, and I can’t even take my Xbox library with me unless Game Pass and that is assuming they are there. Cloud streaming unfortunately isn’t a solution. Xbox GDK has Play Anywhere built into it and I don’t think it’s hard to enable as most Game Pass games get it. I think if they want to gain traction on PC, they have to make it worth the gamers time as the only thing the PC is good for is Game Pass. People say Steam is unbeatable but how can they even be beaten when there is no competitor. No store on PC has a store library that is comparable. My bad I’m not really insinuating foregoing one for the other but more wanting to emphasize the importance of the other. Perhaps another thing is I feel if all Xbox games are able to move natively between devices the fear of Xbox going third party would be allayed.

I bought this game for 70% off on XBL last week. Should’ve known it was coming to Game Pass soon with a discount like that lol.

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I mean it could happen in the future or better yet MS makes a handheld and has the entire xbox library on the go

I would certainly hope it happens soon or at least an announcement of some sort. The handheld is a definite need especially if they hope to do anything meaningful about Apple and Android’s phone dominance. If the windows phone was still around, they wouldn’t be having this difficulty for Xbox everywhere.