Game Dev Slide shows 6GB RAM is used for OS (Update: Speaker made a mistake)

The Game stack presentation showed some intriguing information about XSX RAM usage.

The presenter explains that all 6 GB of slower ram (at 336 GB/s) is reserved for the OS. And only the 10 GB of the higher speed ram (560 GB/s) is reserved for games. Earlier, at the time of launch, it was marketed that only 2.5 GB of the slower 6 GB ram was reserved for OS.

This distinction is also visible in the presentation slide, where the slower ram at 336 GB/s is termed as Operating System Memory, while the faster 560 GB/s memory is called as Game Title Memory.

It kinda feels like Xbox like to shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to hardware sometimes. Also, what would this mean for XSS?

Edit: it turns out it was a mistake with the presentation.

I think you have misinterpreted what he means. Microsoft described the 10GB to DF as game optimal memory and that developers should use this for their more bandwidth intensive game code and the other 3.5GB for other things like audio etc.

So in summary, no the XSX doesn’t have ‘only’ 10GB for games and it is still the case that the OS takes 2.5GB. If you need more convincing then consider the OS is exactly the same as the Xbox One and that doesn’t take 6GB and for that matter what does the Series S have? Like 2GB for games or at most 3 lol.

6gb is a lot for a non-4K UI right?

The slide shown at Gamestack literally shows 6GB just for OS.

Very true. I wonder why they have 6GB reserved for just OS? Surely the OS would be somewhat streamline about now.

A full version of windows doesn’t even use 6GB on my Surface Pro 4 so goodness knows why you would need 6GB for a games console. I would also add that if Microsoft did want to use 6GB just for the OS they would have used much, much slower RAM like they did with the Series S, which is 2GB by the way and ties into the 2.5GB being reserved for the Series X.

Like I said, terms and meanings have likely been crossed here and nothing has been heard from developers about any RAM changes, the only thing we have heard is some rumblings about the Series S’s RAM amount and that is it. I honestly would not worry about the slide.

Seems like it was just a mistake in the presentation.


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In all seriousness, it is what I thought, but good to have it nipped in the bud before certain parts of the internet sprouted nonsense.


And what a mistake to make. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl: Added this to the OP. Thank you. :+1:


Good job, ha ha, people have been reading your OP like :

It was a legitimate question though. Good catch. :+1:

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why always these extreeeeeme hot takes?


Sorry but a little common sense would tell you that this wasn’t the case. All you had to do was look at the Series S.


I really think a lot of people here are seriously LOOKING for a new MS crisis to scream doom and gloom about.

And another clarification from a more direct source:


To be fair, this did come from a Microsoft employee so it was not a rumour or anything. However, people make mistakes and yes, some digging would have told you that it was indeed a mistake.

Yes it was a shameful mistake for an employee to make but it’s not like they hadn’t already divulged (several times already) that the OS takes 2.5GB of RAM. And when you consider that the Series S has a total of 10GB of RAM then it should have been obvious that something was not right.

I love the “shooting themselves in the foot” hot takes. Those are the best.

I kinda feel bad for saying that as I’m more into positivity but it’s funny in a way so ill keep that in. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Xbox has no honor.

Totally shambolic mate. Time and time again. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: