Game Design: The Thread

ooh- this is fairly recent. Cool.

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I always love these interviews since it is devs interviewing other devs. Love that kinda format. :smiley:

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Is it Ted Price interviewing?

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In hommage to Psychonauts which I finished just few hours ago…


Great video analyzing design elements of various open world games:

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I’m just going to disagree with everything he said about ER, because my super short expirience with the game was running to the open world, spotting the grace area and an NPC - just like Dark Souls/2 - who told me what was up with the world and how if I wanted to get stronger I needed a maiden. How the grace lights which I can see on the map would lead my path forward, a map which I can place a marker to where I want to go. The only way my experience would have been the same was If I went in specifically looking to ignore the super obvious go here signs that from placed at the beginning of the game.

Not sure it makes much sense forming opinions about open world in the game when you literally just got through the tutorial area which is not part of that open world.

The whole premise of their case here is that player decision making is what leads to choreographed sequences feeling as if they are unique, which in turn positions players to pay attention to the world the art team has built and to engage with that world in that space. Players decide where to go to based on what looks cool from their vantage point. The idea is that you see something, form presumptions about what you are looking at, and then work your way over to it and there should be some unpredictability in what you find when arriving there. Elden Ring does this really well.

You can place markers as the player, which is a vastly different experience than having the game place them for you since you are the one making decisions about where to place them, how to ‘label’ them with which crest icon and if you want to ignore them or come back to them later, etc.

FWIW, I have lots of things I think could be better designed in the game and it has lots of faults or drawbacks. I would have liked to see the video author talk about how ER’s open world differs from Skyrim, for instance, and how the latter leverages icons popping on your map in a really great way to peel players from the golden path. Or when he talked about the UI elements he could have pointed to games like SoT that put 99% of the UI into the actual game world, which is brilliantly immersive and adds whole new types of mechanics for players. I also think there is a lot to be said about how fun it can be moving through an open world, which ER totally sucks with. Halo and BotW do a much better job in this area, as do other titles.

I will watch this because I’ve finished GTA San Andreas last week and the theme is in my head. But I have a question: is Adam Millard actually an architect of games or this is just a youtube title?

He just analyzes game design afaik. Not sure if he makes any games himself.

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I’m not a huge fan of Mark Brown, but he shines doing these level design interviews. I’m considering backing GMTK’s Patreon just to watch the full interviews.

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Boooooooo! :stuck_out_tongue:

Huge fan of his work myself.