Game Design: The Thread

Closest thing was that bounty system in Odyssey and I hated it.

I mean thats just ridiculous :frowning:

[edit] not your take ofc Tavish, being able to patent such a thing.

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I didn’t care much for the Bounty System in AC Odyssey. I preferred the Phylakes from Origins.


Bounty system was just a complete annoyance. You be trying to clear a fort and 3 mercenaries arrive out of the blue. Nice concept but awful implementation.

Agreed. And I had the fort issue as well. Despite the issues I had in Odyssey, im having more in Valhalla. Too many changes and not for the better. SMH.

That’s…a terrible take, lol. The system is widely regarded as an incredible accomplishment in game design. Other devs having he option to build something similar in architecture can only be a good thing.

It can’t be that great if no one else has tried to copy it in some form in 6+ years. I’m simply not a fan of it and obviously, majority of developers don’t like it either since no one else has even attempted to try it. My take might be terrible but im not going to lie and I say I like the Nemesis System when I honestly don’t. I will be very surprised if I see any other developer try to implement a similar system this generation.

I’m on the campsite: first person is more immersive

For me games that excelled this feeling of being in the game are: Prey 2017, Bioshock, Dying Light, Dishonored, CoD MW

Also what I find very beneficial for immersion is limited or logical HUD design.

For instance the Hud in Prey gives you a immediate Sci Fi Feeling. Nothing is more intrusive as the AC Origins/Valhalla HUD.

Reason why I limited it to a minimum.

Outside of camera perspective what is actually the most important factor in my opinion is the connection between gameplay, story and the world has to make sense.

Again Prey would be my first take on this. Any system or mechanism has a place in the world and is explained by the story. Even the crafting is placed physically as a chemical 3d printer.

Red Dead 2 would also be a immersive game…in fact it feels like a real world until you start to shoot hords of enemies. It is just unbelievable.

So in short:

A immersive game has to be cohesive with it systems. The immersion breaks once something feels out of place. With First person it is easier to create immersion but it also very possible in third person.

I actually say Assassin’s Creed Origins is a very immersive game as long as you dont go murder camps and turn the hud down to a minimum.

System that break the immersion are long healthbars on enemy’s, constant repetition of the same camps and intrusive hud design.

Strong aspects: the world, the lore,

I wasn’t saying ya had to like it, just that it is strange to think the industry shouldn’t have access to game design elements just because some random gamer happens to not care for those elements. :slight_smile:

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Hahaha pretty much agree on everything in this video thought I miss how he forgot to mention a symbiosis of all three aspects. And yes how could I forgot Dead Space… one of the best hud/gameplay/world/story mix I know :smiley:

Pretty sure developers using it or not isn’t up to me. lol. Outside of Monolith, no other developer has even attempted a Nemesis type system and I doubt anyone was going to even if it wasn’t trademarked. Doesn’t take 6+ years to copy and implement a game mechanic. Even with it now trademarked, developers can still implement their own version. I just don’t believe that anyone will.

We dunno if anyone can still use the general design since it got patented. That’s the problem. What they patented at a high level is incredibly well thought out and could be a huge deal in the future now that ML is a thing.

Yeah UI typically pulls you out of the game’s world but if presented within the world in a way that can make sense it can really do the opposite and smooth out that experience without sudden moments where ya gotta drop the immersion to jump thru menus in a HUD. Dead Space is a great example.

True. We’ll see what happens though.

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This is a bit in the weeds, but I found this level design twitter thread on using stairs in game design really interesting! And yeah, I know…fucking stairs of all things!


This was super good

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Now thats a twitter user to have a read through his posts on design. I love when someone explains “why” x is just better. Its the little things you just don’t realise, I mean you appreciate and realise when playing but its nice to see it laid out.

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As someone who is familiar somewhat with level design points like he laid out I felt like ‘I mean sure, I guess in a few ways stairs can be important but…a whole tweet thread presentation? Ehhhh.’

Then I read it and was pleasantly surprised how much I learned from it. :slight_smile:

lol wide steps soo much Xenoblade xD

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This is a real good take on some level design elements of Cyberpunk too. It’s a sorta micro analysis of an important scene at the beginning of the game: