Game Awards Demo Fest! Links and Impressions

Seems the Game Awards demo fest is starting to roll out. Post which ones you tried and what you thought of them. We know there will be demos on Xbox and Steam, don’t know if Nintendo, Playstation, or the Epic Store are participating or not, but if they are, you can post those impressions in here too, doesn’t just have to be Xbox.

Steam Games



Pls be on PC too :frowning:

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Oh nice! I didn’t know this.

There were some really good demos in the summer. Let’s get it!

Oh that Echo Generation game! That looked great.

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yeah looks like it’s only exclusive to Xbox one. I’m sleep

Thanks man I didn’t know that will be demos available for download. Hope Microsoft release a list of all demos available or make a group of all demos from TGA on the Store.


I wouldn’t be sure yet. These are JUST rolling out. Give it some time.

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They definitely will before TGA.

Downloading Song of Iron now, thanks for the heads up!

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Sweet! Loved the E3 demos we got. Gonna download all these that pop up as well. First two are already looking awesome! :smiley: thanks @BlackheartVinyl!




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I’m actually surprised how much I didn’t enjoy Song of Iron. Game looks stunning but really didn’t enjoy playing it.

Little bit too clunky and sluggish for my personal taste.

Few other little QOL things that it pretty sorely needs to.

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Oh that’s cool

I only tried Echo Generation and was really blown away by its simple charm. :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting to see more on Echo Generation since it’s reveal with the Stranger Things vibes.

Oh boy, Song of Iron feels real bad. Graphically and musically, it’s a home run. It’s got style to spare. But I do not like controlling it whatsoever.

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I did have some badass moments though.

EDIT: Imgur can’t seem to upload a clip with sound. What site do you guys use for your clips to post here?

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Song of Iron definitely needs more time in the oven. But the potential is there. I feel like there is only a very small team workinh on this game. So for that matter good job.

I think it’s only one guy?

Yup, exactly my (limited) experience with it. Controls are shockingly bad.

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