Funko Fusion pre-orders up, character pack revealed

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I thought they were meant to at least resemble the characters they represent?!

I don’t recognise anyone from the Battlestar Galactica one, and I’m a big fan of it - equally while I can at least recognise roughly which Umbrella Academy hero each one is meant to be, if you didn’t give me the context “Umbrella Academy” I’d be completely lost on who the hell it was meant to be.

Same goes for Shaun of the Dead - without knowing it was that film, only the “zombie” walk would give me any idea what it was meant to be, and while Simon Pegg’s character is mostly recognisable, Nick Frost’s isn’t…

People actually buy this junk?! :open_mouth: :grimacing:

I sort of recognize 2 of them, but its from the original '78 series. They are the blonde feathered haired one (Male Starbuck) and the doggie robot (Daggit). They should have included Cassiopeia and Adama. They would have done better using the latest remake series.


Ah thanks, I havent seen the original so didn’t recognize any either.

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