Full Xbox Series X System Architecture Video Conference

For those of you who are interested in the XSX Tech Deep Dive, I posted that in the HotChips thread but it won’t hurt anyone being posted here, so I decided to make a new fresh thread.

This is the full Xbox Series X System Architecture Video Conference at Hot Chips 2020. Speakers are Jeff Andrews & Mark Grossman, Microsoft.

Full Xbox Series X System Architecture Conference

Feel free to discuss, enjoy!


Excited to watch now! :slight_smile:

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Agreed. I like to think of myself as a huge techie, so hopefully can understand 90% off it. :rofl:


Curious to see how it pans out in practice, but at least you can see the thoughts and goals of all the developed features.

They had specific performance targets, power and size limitations and designed the hardware features with the partners to achieve those performance targets.

I also like it a lot how those features complement each other and the potential they have when used in conjunction.


Nice one, been waiting for this.

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The biggest surprise I got from that was that the ML logic has been added to the compute units, I thought ML support was added to the CPU.

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Nice. :smiley:

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