Full episode of Animal Talking with Phil Spencer

His segment is from 9:00 to 50:00


It should be noted he stays on for the whole show and chimes in during the other segments. It’s a fun episode all the way through.


Watched it, loved it

I really enjoyed this. Can I watch this live on Switch?

There was a newsworthy comment in this interview nobody has picked up on. Phil mentioned the delay was his call and that it was not a call he would have been allowed to make 5 to 10 years ago. I read it to mean the game would’ve been pushed out under the old guard. It’s like I said when it was announced, despite it being terrible news for the launch of Xbox, it was a refreshing move from the division.

I’m curious if Nintendo is ok with someone using their game like and making money off it.

Is this any different from doing a letsplay/livestream though? i dont really see how they could have an issue with this and not the rest.