Free $5 Xbox Gift Card in Xbox Marketing Newsletter

You have to click the reindeer.


Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much, I got it! I would’ve missed it if weren’t for this.

“URL not specified” for me here

The little gift box in mine worked for me.

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cries in European


Glad I checked! I usually scan through these but I missed this one.

Ah, the joy of being a 2nd tier customer. We never get these.


Time to start clicking on everything in the their email again. I got 2 or 3 of them last year

Tricky. Fortunately I still had that email in the Trash. For me, it was clicking the wrapped box and not a reindeer. The box kind of shakes, so it should get your attention if you watch for it.

So after some more examination, there’s multiple sections that will take you to the Gift link. Unfortunately they all use the same code, so no quadrupling up on credit.

For Canadians it seems to be a $7 gift.

I remember getting €5 once and that was during gamescom this year. I don’t remember any other time that Microsoft gave out anything like that in Europe.

Oh, so it won’t be for us?

I was checking my email inbox and I didn’t have any such email, but now it makes sense.

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When you click on the hidden gift in the e-mail you are taken to a page with a “Resgate Agora” button, right? If you check the URL of this page, the Gift Card code is at the end. It is a R$ 25 Gift Card!

Never got anything, they hate us. :frowning:

At the top of the email is an option to “open as a webpage”. I had to do this to get the image/link to load. In the gamepass section there is a little reindeer that pops in from the side and at the end of the page is a trophy and moving gift box. You click on one of those…

Nice, I will definitely end up spending more.

I got the mail. But…surprise! There are no gifts. No packages, no raindeers. Got my hopes up there for a minute, but yeah 2nd rate customer. They could just not have bothered with the mail, when they know we know what others get. Pffft

Did you open it as a web page? I didn’t see those things either until I did.

Yeah I did. No luck :frowning:

I just saw this on twitter and it worked for me. The hidden gift is in the email. Scroll down to the trophy and you should see a little gift box you can click on.