Foundation - Blockout

Expect daily~ updates

This is as bare bones as it gets people! This is sort of a test of these new file share systems with updating bookmarks and file versions. I’m intentionally publishing this wayyyy before it’s done..
A. To test how this works
B. To share
C. To get feedback on gameplay (weapons, cover, spawns, etc)

I really hope others feel confident putting maps out there early and letting them evolve, forging has always been so insular, and while I enjoy that, I’m hoping this brings in a new dynamic to the community aspect

Disclaimer: I have done ZERO work on the bases/rooms, they are just plain gray boxes. But the middle of the map is where all the fun is anyways!


Let it be known, I am super open to the idea of someone coming on to do an art pass! I have (as you can imagine) an enormous amount of budget left!

I have a few design goals that I want to push forward regardless of where the art direction goes

1. Grapple-ability

There is a flat glass ceiling that is sort of a requirement for me It’s at the highest position it can be in while still allowing players to grapple from the ground floor, I want to encourage those big slingshot moves where you zip from the bottom to the top and all around.

2. Unique Bases

Anyone who spent a lot of time on the original foundation knows how different all four bases are and certain ones like red base have unique properties (the fan vent where you climbed up to stay alive in og zombies). So while I’m cool with an overall aesthetic in the main play space, I’d like all four bases to have something unique visually

3. “Glass”

I fully intend on opening up some If not a good amount of the sidewalls to be able to see out of the map, I plan on forging in a way where you can peel back every inch of the curtain and not see anything you shouldn’t. There’s too much potential for awesome background art and canvas items, I don’t want to restrict everyone to a singular rectangle!

4. Clear direction

Being a symmetrical map where a lot of times the only safe place to spawn is in the bases, quick navigational cues are very important. In this block out version I’m very heavy-handed on the color coding of each quadrant. This should help players in an instant know where they want to be going. I know big blocks of primary colors might not be the most matchmaking type detail we’ve ever seen, but regardless of where the art goes I plan on leaving heavy on color to distinguish the four areas.

Anyways, like I said in my original post this is really a test of these new file systems and hoping to gather feedback, criticisms please!!! And just see how this new technology can work with the community to make everyone’s experience better :slight_smile:

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Nilla! I don’t know how I didn’t realize this was Foundation. Looks great dude, excited about the arting! Gonna check this out!

Update: 11/14 12:00pm

  • Added ambient Underwater Audio effects
  • Added FX to the ceiling so it reads better as a solid object
  • Added additional Grapple, Grenade and Weapon spawns on lower level
  • Added more dynamic crates for cover and to be pushed around

Please do! And bring some feedback as well


Update: 11/14 Staying up with a newborn :sleeping:

  • Lots of art improvements
  • Hit Directive #3, Glass! No longer stuck in a gray box
  • Added Repulsors up too, switched a few weapons around


  • Bases still gray boxes
  • Advanced Spawning techniques, flag away spawns , etc
  • More cohesive texture work, better establish a unified theme

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Been a few days without update, life has been busy. Also…

I’ve been in a major custody battle! I was trying to add some collaborators to potentially have someone come in for art and now the ownership of the map is all screwed up. I am no longer the owner/creator (?!?) but I can still edit the map! Looking to have this resolved, but while I sort this out, I think the map is going quiet.

Bases still need advanced geo check as they are just gray walls, and need to add detail to inner map.

If anyone is interested in doing an art pass, please reach out and we can talk about/try out your ideas! Message me anywhere:)

Major art update!

  • About 30% of pieces have been art’d
  • New design for ceiling/exterior of map
  • New color based directionality
  • More FX bugs! :tired_face:


Tons and tons of progress!!

  • 80%~ Art
  • Bases still gray boxes :smiley:
  • Embracing object scaling :muscle:t2:


Version 1.0

Known issues:

  • Colored emissives don’t display properly in custom games
  • Bots now can only jump out of the bases instead of run (lol)

Post Launch Goals :sweat_smile:

  • I’d like to diversify the bases more
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I think you need to differentiate more between what is floor and what is wall - while the textures are different, it’s all very Forerunner grey shiny.

Great feedback, I’m not 100% happy with the overall color template but I’m really struggling to get pieces to look cohesive. I’m not sure if it’s bugs or what but the same colors on different objects vary a ton.

If you have a good recommendation or example please share!

Foundation 1.5

! Valid criticism that the lighting was too flat

  • Made the overall atmosphere darker and added more lights inside the map.
  • Also made a few piece changes
  • Removed the bugged emissives

Still work to be done, I saw a few objects when I took these pics that still don’t look great. I’m not sure what it is exactly but there are definitely inconsistency between forge and custom games, I feel a bit like I’m chasing my own tail with getting pieces to look exactly the way I want


Best Looking Version on Halo Infinite . Stellar Atmosphere and immersion. 5 Stars. Gameplay Vid Link — Foundation by Nillapuddin626

Much appreciated!

Still haven’t had the time to truly flesh out the bases with individuality in a way that I would like, but I do feel confident in “the vibe”

Glad to see others enjoying it!