'Forza Motorsport' Wins "Best Sports/Racing Game", 'Hi-Fi Rush' Gets "Best Audio Design" at The Game Awards

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Announced live onstage at The Game Awards, developer Turn 10 Studios’ latest racer “Forza Motorsport” won the award for “Best Sports/Racing Game” category of the nominees as well as the “Best Innovation in Accessibility”. Developer Tango Gameworks’ ‘Hi-Fi Rush’ also won “Best Audio Design”, cementing its place as a fantastic rhythm-based DmC-lite.

Congratulations to Turn 10 Studios, Tango Gameworks, and to the nominees. Unlike the awards, this applause will last more than five seconds.


But, but …

I thought it was a bad game.

Sure, it is not and next year, it will be even better.


The motorsport hate is insane and deranged, indeed lol.


I’m sure if High-Fi Rush had a normal announce-hype-releease cycle it would have gotten similar hate to Starfield and Motorsport.


I dont care what people think of FM but Ive put more time in FM then every other mainline Forza combined.

Im in love with the car handling and driving physics and graphics.

The actual driving portion of the game is the best road racer Ive ever played.

Happy it got an award.


Agree, I am loving it and while I think people’s objections to the career setup and car levelling are valid, it can’t be denied that the game feels sublime to play.


Yeah, same here.

This was a pretty awesome year for racing game fans. Finally a good The Crew, WRC/Dirt Rally is back, FH5 got lots of content and FM driving model is ace.

I’m happy.

Critics on the other hand:



When Sony fanboys hate on Forza, they stop thinking Gran Turismo has been on inspiration hold for 2 gens and Sony killed its Horizon-like department Evolution Studios.

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No one hates Forza like Forza fans. Just check the reddit. :sweat_smile:

Sony fanboys are more like, "A game where you don’t shoot people in third person?

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