'Forza Motorsport' Sees Substantial Car Progression Update in Update 6

Originally published at: 'Forza Motorsport' Sees Substantial Car Progression Update in Update 6 - XboxEra

Developer Turn 10 Studios announced earlier this week that ‘Forza Motorsport’ will see a fairly substantial update to the game’s car progression system, allowing players to immediately change any and all available car parts for an owned vehicle. No longer will you have to level up your car—right off the bat you can finally make changes as you please, so long as you have the credits. You’ll be able to use credits to get Car Points, but Brand Discounts will remain the same. These changes are expected to make it with Update 6, which will launch sometime in March ’24.

Forza Motorsport is currently available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Series consoles. For more information on the progression update, check out the details below.

Per the blog post:

Today we’re outlining important changes to the Car Progression mechanic in Forza Motorsport. These updates will give players freedom to equip the parts they want to install to their car regardless of Car Level, while retaining aspects of the system for those who enjoy it.

Firstly, we will remove the locked part mechanic so all car parts can be accessed at Car Level 1 for every car in the game. Once a car is added to your car collection, you can install upgrades to it in any order that you wish. Whether it’s engine swaps, race tires, aspiration changes, body kits or any other part available for your vehicle, you will have the freedom to build cars your way.

Secondly, in addition to earning Car Points through levelling up the car, you will be able to use in-game Credits to acquire Car Points. This means you can begin to immediately install upgrades to your car if you have sufficient Credits or if you would rather save your Credits, you can still earn car parts through car leveling as before.

We’re testing a ratio of 4,500 Credits for 500 Car Points and based on the feedback we’ve collected, we expect this to provide a healthy balance. That means if you’re upgrading the 2021 Volkswagen Golf R with all available parts at Level 1, for example, it will cost 89,775 Credits. In the case of the 2021 BMW M4 Competition Coupé, for all parts it amounts to 125,325 Credits, or for the 1969 Nissan Fairlady Z 432, it totals to 133,875 Credits.

Brand discounts will remain as they currently are. When a car reaches the maximum Car Level 50, a Showroom discount of 5% is applied to future cars you purchase from that same manufacturer. If you get 5 cars from the same manufacturer to Car Level 50, the loyalty discount stacks to 25%. The time needed on-track to reach Car Level 50 will remain between 2 and 3 hours.


I’m one of the few that loves this game as is but glad they are addressing others issues.

As a GAAS the core gameplay and driving model is one of the best ever for a racing game and has really spoiled me from other racers but everything else will improve greatly.

Nordschleife in the newest update is really something. The increased density of vegetation relative to other games makes some sections feel almost claustrophobic, then in other places the long views really emphasize the scale of the ring and the changes in elevation. It’s like a whole new experience of the track. Marvelous stuff.


I will go back to the game when they will change the upgrade path, next update.

I did see the next update will not have a new track but I believe they said the following one will again.