Forza Motorsport is true 4k 60fps with Ray Tracing enabled title - Report

Forza Motorsport is true next gen title with 4k @ 60fps and RT enabled.

Game will only launch on series consoles and PC.

Complete reimagining of the game with new gameplay scenarios.

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I can’t see myself playing the game much, for me it’s all about Horizon but I am very curious how good this is going to look, damn!


I am also interested in its visuals. Hope it is as stunning as Flight Simulator.


Horizon series has surpassed the motorsport series, but I still love the motorsport series. The key for Motorsport series is revamping career mode and make it compelling. I found the career mode in 7 was subpar, but the racing was very good, and I did enjoy career in FM6. However, I think they just need to add more to create a better hook for single player.

Also I hope they can take multiplayer seriously because I feel multiplayer for forza games are lacking.

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This was announced at the July showcase iirc.

I highly look forward to this as FM has been my go to. I do like FH, but for some reason it hasn’t held my interest over a period of time, FM progression is always fun for me. I just wish said progression was a bit harder…

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It’s nice to have a confirmation for all the three things (4k + 60 + RT) to be together.

This is the first time i have seen all things together confirmed without any doubts.

I’m with you, I adore Horizon but I’m a sim-racer at heart and FM7 was still fantastic in my book. I agree that the career mode needs a bit of a rework, but I can’t say that I have a particular problem overall given its sense of progression is still much better than any Horizon post Horizon 2. I am torn on going back to a system like FM4 or 5 because I love the variety they provided but there are things to be said about the benefits of racing the same car over five races to attune yourself to it.


It was explicitly confirmed at the July showcase that it was 4k/60/RT.

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I may have missed it or maybe in doubts because how much unreal it feels.

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Exactly. And the possibility of more race types added to FM makes me excited! I would love a FM with a long progression like starting small with a beater car you tune and do amateur racing and build up your team, hire mechanics and find sponsors. Wishful thinking I guess.


That’s what I’m hoping for in a career mode. I think Turn 10 in a blog said they will look into career mode and fan suggestions, so wonder what they’ve cooked up.

Do you think it’s a 2021 or 2022 game ?

Hells YEAH!

Their GDC talk have a ton of hints as to what we can expect in regards to visuals. Laser scanned assets and so on.

That said, how you put all of these assets together and light it determines how photoreal it looks and we’ll have to see how it turns out. For one reason or another the FM series looked more artistically stylized than other games like Forza Horizon, Gran Turismo or Driveclub that aim for photorealism. For me, Forza Motorsport is to Forza Horizon like how Horizon Zero Dawn is to Death Stranding. The former in both cases look fantastic and impressive, and at some times realistic… But the latter looks photoreal more often than not.

I’m so psyched to see the graphics on my XSX!

So hyped for this game. Going to look unreal on my OLED.

I’m personally looking foward to a return to tracks as opposed to Horizon’s open world.

Great decision to make the game PC and Series X|S exclusive and to give the team more time. I expect the best Forza Motorsport game yet.