Forza Horizon 5 Limited Edition Controller Up for Preorder

$74.99 USD

You get a DLC Car, cosmetic item, and a victory emote.

Xbox Wireless Controller – Forza Horizon 5 Limited Edition | Xbox

It looks nice!


Wow! This is how the Cyberpunk controller should have looked. Looks superb.


I like the fact that their past two standard controller skus both have real rubber grips. Looks like they are maybe planning to make this standard and do a pack-in controller revision?

I really don’t like the hard plastic bobbled texture on the standard pads. Way too abbrassive.

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ordered this immediately, this will be sought after as much as the Sea of Thieves controller

Its available on

MS store was no help, as usual :slight_smile:

Oh my that is a gorgeous controller

Oh My God Wow GIF

Are those valuable now? I might have a few laying around…

This one looks awesome btw!

They go for a couple hundred now, probably even more in the future but it’s one controller I regret not collecting. So far its been one of thr most beautiful controllers xbox has made but I think this Forza one will take its place.

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