Forza Horizon 5 is a beast

Its been 18 months since it released, but it is still going hard. Currently it has over 1 million live concurrent players, which when you compare it to other games, it shows just how much of a hit it is. GT7 has 186k Apex Legends has 287k Warzone has 282k COD Modern Warfare 2 has 185k Destiny 2 has 60k GTAV has 85k

The big boys are as follows Minecraft has 3 million Fortnite has 3.1 million Roblox has 1.4 million.

Forza Horizon 5 is absolutely killing it as a live service game, and thats without it being on PlayStation.

Mad props to Playground.


Source? Where do you get these numbers from?


It’s not true, it’s almost impossible for a racing game to have that many concurrent players. All of Steam has just 1 game that crosses 1m concurrent players daily and that’s CSGO. I’m guessing counting all platforms Fortnite, apex and CoD would be amongst the others.

Player count wise I’d say it is Mario kart then FH5 and then others in whatever order. I hope Xbox makes FH4 free to play whenever FH6 releases to allow more players on PC to be familiar with the franchise. Lots of room to grow still.

EDIT (kept accidentally deleting my post)

At its height, it had 10 Million concurrent from the Kubernetes paper. Still, I would be surprised if it is over a million as of right now (10 mill is obviously an amazing number and I think the biggest in xbox history at launch)

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