Forum Ideas (e.g. voice messages)

I just have a simple question and this may sound ridiculous and it may technically not be possible. But I have never used a forum before or even made one. So this could be ridiculous.

Is it possible to do voice messages in forums?

I like to listen to your podcasts and more often than not I would love to get in and voice my opinion. But we can only write here which is fine for some conversations but if some things are more complicated and maybe need explanation I wish for voice messages like I use in whatsapp with my friends.

Is this technically possible? Is it maybe something people just don’t want / don’t want to use? Or just has no one tried that yet?

This thread can also be used for all sorts of Ideas for our beloved forum.

I think Twitter recently started rolling out similar feature, you record audio and tweet that out. Not sure how much is used.

For the forums, just thinking about how after few audio replies conversation can become super confusing to people who didn’t follow voice messages, raises usability questions. Sure, audio format is great for communicating more complicated stuff but for forum type of conversation, it’s something that can bring more complexity to something that should be simple and easy to follow.

From technical side is doable, you can already upload .mp3 file to forum, that is not the issue, it is more about the conversation flow.

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