Fortnite Chapter 3 Battlepass leaked: includes Gears of War characters Marcus Fenix & Kait Diaz

I mean you can do this to me…

Does that count?

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Epic might have had the advantage in the technology to achieve it but they weren’t always that big or made that huge revenue from Fortnite. They didn’t start with those events and mainstream media crossovers, they worked towards it, and that’s what’s generating those impressive revenue number.

It’s not that good because it makes that much money, it started making that much money BECAUSE it was that good and frankly unprecedented.

After seeing Nick’s tweet about getting back into Fortnite, I thought for sure this topic was created by him but I was wrong. lol

Nothing in fortnite is cursed more than Kratos dancing like a fool. Change my mind.

Master Chief driving the tiny Warthog

Let’s hope that other in development 343 title is Halo Kart.

Ngl a kart racer is at the bottom of my list, if at all in my list, for an Xbox mascot game, and frankly I’m struggling to see how it could work.

Need E-Rated content that’s couch co-op friendly.

It’s not at top of my list either, but I know tastes and needs differ.

How could it work though? It’d look ridiculous for most characters lol

You can have E-rated and couch-cop party stuff more easily than Kart racers for Xbox characters

Don’t tell me when you think Master Chief riding a kart you mean the exact same character asset from mainline Halo and vice versa. It doesn’t necessarily work like that (atleast for E-rated games). Chubi version of characters is a thing.


Make It Rain Reaction GIF

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I’d like fortnite so much more if there was no building. I really hate that about the game. There is rumours of a no build mode which makes me more interested.

I still think they won’t put a no build mode because they know all other modes would completely die if they did lol

It would also probably kill off the careers of a few Fortnite streamers when it turns out they’re not very good if they can’t build a hotel to protect themselves.