FORGERA | Infection Insanity Contest Results

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The infection has been contained! We have the winners of our Infection Insanity forge contest.

While we have the winners for the non-linear section of the contest, we unfortunately had to forgo declaring winners for the Linear section as we did not receive enough entries that qualified for that category.

Let’s cut to the chase, here are our winners!

2nd Place

Smallhalla by Okom 1

Smallhalla | Infection | Map | Forgera (

A spooky twist on an old classic. Smallhalla Infection not only brings the spooky season to a smaller Valhalla but through a few breaks in the wall we get access to another Halo classic, Isolation. The combination of both maps with the various pathways allows for a pleasant back and forth resulting in some fun gameplay.

1st Place

Plunderland by Virus11010

Plunderland | Map | Forgera (

Zombies and pirates, what could be a more fun combination. Plunderland offers an engaging and balanced experience that gives the player ample areas to run around or hold up. There is enough verticality and pathing to make sure that one area doesn’t feel too powerful for infected to not have a chance or for the survivors to not always get swarmed. This is a fun map to play the next time you have an itch for infection.

If you won, you will be contacted soon about your prizing.

Honorable Mentions

There were a couple maps that we felt also deserve a shoutout for all of you to check and play. These two also made figuring out the top two even tougher.

Retention by I Crush All

Retention | Map | Forgera (

Jotunn by Norseman Nick

Jotunn. – UGC – Halo Infinite (

Thank you to all who entered the contest, it was a lot of fun to play and see all of the maps!