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First I would like to say hello and then welcome everyone here at XBOXERA/FORGERA to come check out Forge Wiki! We’re excited to share with you all here because we too are just as excited for the beta release of Halo Infinite’s Forge!

I’m sure you’re asking yourself several questions on what is Forge Wiki and how does it fit into the Halo community. It’s simple, Forge has grown from a small in-game editor in Halo 3 to something that truly needs the depth of what formal documentation and that’s what we hope we can deliver. Quality tutorials, documentation and most importantly Forge support.

So let’s dive into some questions on what Forge Wiki is and how you, the community, can help.

Who can contribute to Forge Wiki?

Well, anyone can! Whether it’s labeling out objects, writing script tutorials or embedding a video to further explain how to create a prefab, this is what Forge Wiki is meant for.

We understand that documenting takes time and effort from community members, but comments are helpful too! If something isn’t formatted correctly or bug was fixed in a later release, contributing by identifying invalid statements is 100% okay!

If contributing sounds like something you’re interested in, check it out here.

How can you support Forge Wiki?

You can follow @ForgeWiki on Twitter. If Twitter isn’t your thing, we plan on doing more with Instagram and YouTube in the near future.

You can also join our Discord and build Forge Wiki into the tool that will help content creators deliver the best the Halo community has seen yet.

For all of our official socials, check out here

Thank you all for taking the time to read, support and contribute towards the legacy of Halo Infinite. We look forward to seeing what everyone can create!

If you have an issues or looking for help, please feel free to reach out.

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- Nitro