Forge units and scaling maps to Infinite's movement

I am struggling to find information on how the units in forge translate to the motion radar. There was a weapon’s drill map on the Forge list that would allow me to use the makers to determine that, but I think it was removed by 343. I am not sure how maps are scaled to Halo’s movement. My initial guess is that it’s just movement speed or how fast you can transverse a given distance.

Could you go into test mode and ping to see the meters away readout?

That’s a good idea. Let me see what I can come up with.

It turns out the units in the forge are feet and is reflected in the game in metric. I am aware that for the movement snap, the units are feet, but my initial testing with the motion tracker was inconsistent. I think they are issues with the motion tracker, but it is also due to the difficulty of precisely positioning the Spartans (at least for me).

In my testing, I used the Pythagorean theorem since I cannot reliably know the distance of my Spartan. The test consists of forming a right triangle with the Spartan with two points a know distance apart. So, all I have to do is measure my Spartan’s distance to those two points to get this know distance in meters. One of the points was centered in a narrow channel to keep the Spartan moving in a straight line. In Spartan test mode, pings will sometimes stay or disappear, but I was able to ping two sides of a block of a given width of my test. I found it difficult to place two pings at the same level, and I had to go back into monitor mode to remove the pings.

Looking for something the ping can lock onto, I realized that power weapon spawns already give you a distance from the Spartan in Spartan Play Mode. So, repeated the test with power weapon spawns repeated at a know distance apart. A reasonably large triangle gives you more consistent numbers from repeated measurements, yet I came up with 3.3 units per meter. It is most likely 3.28 rounded up, which is the number of feet in the meter.

I want to get the fundamentals down.

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No first-hand knowledge of this having not played w/Forge yet, but I recall hearing a unit was 10 ft or so. So the Forge world canvases are 400x400x150 units aka 4000x4000x1500 ft in each direction. Not sure if that is helpful for what you are looking for wrt movement sensor precision.

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That could be correct too. The factor of 10 would be a scaling factor like you would see in a blueprint, technical drawing, etc.

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Could very well also be possible that the motion sensor isn’t actually euclidean. Not sure why 343 would make it non-euclidean but just throwing that out there.