Forbes (contributor article): A Narrative Of Sony And PS5 As ‘Anti-Consumer’ Is Starting To Take Shape


They’re slowly starting to look like Xbox in 2013, bad/muddy messaging, anti consumer practices… They need to be careful if they want to keep those precious market shares.


it keeps working for Nintendo, soon Sony shall join that as well. Expect nothing to change for the time being while they are still in their high of coming off of a dominant generation.


I don’t know, it seems something is wrong with Sony, if we think for a second they haven’t even shown the Ps5 in the wild yet. Nobody knows how bc will work, how can you upgrade the storage, etc. There are many more doubts than awnsers about the system. Xbox, otherwise is sending consoles to pp to test it already.

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Everytime i see the title of a forbes article I try to guess if it was written by Paul Tassi or not. And looks like i was right



Nintendo overcharges for super standard remasters, has you rebuying many games and so on and you barely hear any complaints. But I would say complaints about this would be very valid.

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I feel it is a consequence of Jim Ryan winning the internal power struggle at Sony. Around the time we heard about that was around the time that they cleaned house and they did a lot of corporate restructuring. It is entirely possible that it is just coincidence but Jim has a storied history of saying things that are tone-deaf and out of touch.

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Jim Ryan is a smart dude, as a businessman. He’s probably the biggest factor for Sony’s worldwide success because he’s responsible for Playstation dominating Europe

I can see why he was chosen over Shawn Layden but he seems so unlikable, like Don Mattrick was. Like dude we get it, Playstation curbstomped the competition this past gen. But you’re really under-estimating how gamers may boycott your product solely because they dislike you.

Is the 10$ price hike really worth losing good will with customers? I get that games are getting expensive to make but you know what else is expensive? Having people not buy your games that you supposedly spend tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars to make.


I think even Sony knew this gen was not going to be a cakewalk. 2013 MS was having to put out the multiple fires before launch and explain the multiple different confusing messages coming from their execs.

This time it’s a unified message led by Phil Spencer.

A better machine on paper than the PS5 , more value and much more consumer-friendly.

I think the press have smelt blood…


Not as extreme, but yeah, heading in the wrong direction.

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I think when you’re product is not that strong (or at least lack that narrative), and it’s what your vocal core fans really wants, they are struggling with a coherent message that will stick. So, they are not talking technical, how many times can you repeat how great your SSD is. At other area of the console, PS5 is weaker compared to its competitor.

It's totally converse with XBOX. They are confident in their own strength, not having to be on backfoot, they can stay on the message they have developed in the last 3-4 years. Also, very important, since Phil became EVP, he has built a very strong team who are doing amazing work. Liz leads the console team, and she knows what resonates with customers, Jason works for her. Sarah Bond is another that is responsible for dev.


Thing is: isn’t even a “narrative”. But since it is Sony, let’s start saying that “a narrative is starting to take shape” instead of calling them anti-consumer at once.