Football Manager 23 announced (also on Gamepass and PlayStation)

My most played game every year since season 1997/98. :slight_smile:

Great for PS users that they can play the best sports management sim now too.

8 november release.


PS really need to fix their marketing on service speaking, which is ironic. I wouldn’t know if someone didn’t say it. You look at the trailer and you wouldn’t know without any icon, logo, nothing.

Edit: Oh wait. They never had a PS version. Now I get it. Would have been nice to have it day one on PS+ but hey, CoD priority #1.

I thought an older version was on PS before, but you are right, it’s a debut on the system!

Love this series preferred it when it was championship manager though.

The first season I played it was 96/97 as well.

Can’t underestimate how big this game is in Europe.

Massive win it being on gamepass. I’m shocked playstation haven’t done the same.

I believe this is the first time it’s actually released on a PS console since the Vita, whereas this is the 3rd time it’s launched in Game Pass. So, likely Xbox has timed exclusivity for a small period of time due to an existing contract or something.

In any case, it’s great for subscribers and I hope they continue to launch in the service day one!