Flight Simulator reaches 2 million Pilots (Players)

Fastest in the whole series to reach that milestone and it will launch on console for the first time even.


If the console delievrs as near perfect 60 fps experience on 4k - this game will sell consoles like hot cake :fire:

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I feel like this really highlights how strong the ecosystem Ms is creating with Gamepass and xbox/pc unification. From a dead ip to the fastest growing in the franchise is no slouch.

I can see it reaching a flawless 30fps,but 60fps at 4k seems almost impossible given the hardware it takes on Pc.

But I’m curious about how this one does on a console. On one hand it’s a game that never even dreamed of releasing to a console before and high simulation level, a genre that also usually has no place on a console. On the other gamepass.


30fps 4K, 60fps 1080p maybe but yeah I’d say 4k60 is off the cards. I’m honestly fine with 30fps on this game if it means better visuals because it’s more of a relaxing game but options would be nice!


I can’t wait for this to hit Series X next summer. Really eager to see how it turns out. Hoping for a 30fps mode and a 60fps mode.

Oh yes!

30 fps isn’t needed for the game. But if it does 60 in some capacity then this will be a great accomplishment and a benchmark for the console. And that’s when it will sell the console like hot cakes.

This will possibly double when it’s launched on Series X|S

What type of PC do you need to run this at 60fps? something better than a Series X? that would be crazy if so, no way it was possible for it to ever release on Xbox one, I think they might go for a quality mode at 4K/30 and a dynamic 4K/60 mode, we’ll see.

Using any kind of PC benchmark right now is not the wise thing to do. The game currently does not work on dx12 which severely limits the CPU utilisation and the game at higher settings become a CPU bottleneck.


Oh ok, thanks.