Flight Simulator PC Hands-On: A Generational Leap In Graphical Realism


My CPU is crying.

But man, so impressive. Asobo Studios have done magic here. Wonder what kind of setup you need to run this at 120/4K with raytracing… lol.

You need three Xbox series x’s duck taped together

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This is gonna make my laptop weep.

xbox one version might need to get old yeller’ed. one of my most anticipated series x games.

I’ve been checking out previews and all kinds of videos on Flight Sim these past few days. Still bummed Amsterdam Airport is locked behind the higher tier version, but looking forward to melting my PC with this.

I did notice you want a decent framerate, as flying with stutters is really annoying. So I wonder what my settings should be with a CPU that barely hits the minimum requirements, while my GPU can easily take on the recommended settings.

Flight Sim is going to be one of the biggest games of the year imo and when it comes to console it’ll be huge.


It wouldn’t been great to have this as a Series X launch title but I feel we may not see it on console until 2021.

Edit: would’ve been great

Why wouldn’t it be great? Would be an interesting differentiator.

I don’t know how they’ll ever port this to Xbox One though. I still think they’ll silently drop the Xbox One version.

I’d probably go with it coming within the first 3 months of next year looking at it. Gonna try this as soon as it hits PC, Asobo are masters of their craft when it comes to world rendering. Quite literal though now lol with it being the whole planet.

Sorry, I meant would’ve :frowning:

Excellent analysis by Alex, this game is simply stunning. The thought that a next gen GTA could have similar visuals is very exciting to me.

This sets the bar for next gen. But is the bar obtainable by others? I can’t believe how sexy this game looks.

Looks stunning. Will fly all over the place.

God this game is absolutely gorgeous! I am so ready for this to come to console.