Flair/Badge missing on profile pictures

This should be fixed now and works properly. Thank you all for the feedback.


Sorry but nope, the issue still persists on my side with the infinite loop & notifications.

Furthermore browsing the forum or doing anything became slow & sluggish as hell, even scrolling up & down or editing posts tends to freeze itself for few minutes sometimes even just clicking on something could take me long just to register my input, latency is weird too.

I even uninstalled & reinstalled the app via various browsers, tried to go even without the app & still the same, don’t know what’s happening.

It’s really annoying tbh, I didn’t have any of these issues before. What should I do?

I think Predrag meant the patron & moderator badges. :stuck_out_tongue:

There hasn’t been a solution for the Android/Edge notification issue yet. Well, if you install the beta version of the browser it’s fixed. Discourse is using a feature not supported by an older version of Chromium that Microsoft is using. So, I suppose there are four options;

  1. Wait for Microsoft to update to the newest version of Chromium
  2. Use the Edge beta app
  3. Wait for Discourse to implement their workaround (I believe they are working on something)
  4. Use a different mobile browser

Regarding the slow, sluggish and unresponsive experience, no idea what’s behind that. Maybe Predrag’s got a clue.

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This is probably happening during the backup process when the server CPU gets super busy. Not sure in which timezone you are but backup occurs around 3:30 UTC and lasts for 60 to 90 minutes. Or sluggishness happens all the time?

I can confirm I’m not having any problems while browsing Edge Canary – both on Desktop and Mobile.

Not all the time but recently since a month I would say. At different times. I tried with other devices too & the same happens when I try to click on my badge pic on the top right for example still the infinite loop for the notifications or no reaction or when I type everything freezes itelf. Really weird issue.

@SuikerBrood which browser would you recommend? Thanks for the advice :+1:

Just got a message that notification bug was from their side and we will update forum now. Will back in a few minutes to see if anything changed regarding loading loop!

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@The_Xboxer @SuikerBrood

Forum is updated and now notifications work fine for me on the Edge (Android). How is for you guys?


Thanks a lot!



Yep! Nice