First PS5 Advert "Play has no limits" + interview with SIE head of marketing. Is Sony hyping audio + force feedback too much?

About the Ad

The ad is certainly unique. It is almost entirely computer generated, with an actor who was filmed in her home for part of it. It was then created by different people from around the world, with the marketing team in one place, the director in another, and was then worked on by over 70 artists from a range of different visual effects disciplines. Anyone that has seen the making of Star Wars spin-off The Mandalorian will have a good idea of how this was made.

The ad is the kick off start for the PS5 campaign:

“We are still committed to doing that. It’s more challenging than ever, but our gamers expect a lot from us. It’s a chance to celebrate the beginning of a new generation. This spot kicks off PlayStation 5 marketing efforts, and this is just the beginning. So you can see this as the initial entry. Hopefully it looks high quality, hopefully it captures the imagination of the viewer, and from here, it just gets bigger and better.”

About Dualsense:

Lempel also plans to use developers talking about these features and what they bring to the games: “Talking with the Demon’s Souls team, they’ve found that they could take simple things that were really not exciting moments in games in the past, and turn them into a sensory experience by using these features. It’s something they’re saying that the features of the past couldn’t do in any way – couldn’t replicate the feeling of, in their words, opening a gate, or striking metal, or fire crackling in your hand. Those are the types of things that were kind of secondary in the past, but they’ve been brought to the forefront to immerse the player into the games in a bigger way.”

About globalisation:

“In recent years we’ve globalised the company in a number of ways, and one of the things that we wanted to do in anticipation of going into the next generation of consoles was to create one single unified brand line,” Lempel says. "It’s really important because good lines will stand the test of time, and will become a big part of the company’s brand and communication.

"We worked for a long time on this and really thought about what type of line could we use that will resonate globally, and naturally it will be translated and localised to all the different languages around the world… But what is the sentiment that we want to pass along that really represents the ambition we have as PlayStation, and really represents the products that we offer? So that is how we came up with Play Has No Limits.

About the upcoming content:

“The content that will be in the launch window and beyond is incredibly exciting. I would say that this is the best line-up that we’ve ever seen in the history of PlayStation, between our Worldwide Studios groups and our partners from all the different publishers around the world. We’ve revealed some of that content, and naturally there will be more to come, but the way that the developers can engage with this platform, and create these new experiences with known IP as well as unknown IP, is incredibly exciting.”

Are sony over Hyping 3d audio + force feedback?

  • Yes sony are over-hyping 3d audio + force feedback
  • No there emphasis on 3d audio + force feedback seem appropriate.

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NGL this is cool.

Yes. They’re over hyping the audio (don’t forget to send Cerny ear pics!!!) and controller stuff as much as fanboys have been over hyping the SSD.

Of course, when you don’t have a balanced console and one aspect was extremely over done (SSD), you have to market the few strengths(?) that you do have I guess.

Sony’s best marketing and features will be their first party exclusives. They showcase them properly and they won’t need to do much/if anything else.


While Im looking forward to 3d audio and better rumble I cant help but think these thing are not going to as big a leap as sony are making them out to be.

3d audio is rather inconsistent between users, cerny himself said that some users thought it sounded like slightly better stereo. Then theres the issue of varying quality of sound systems people have. People can already spend $1000s on better sound systems if its something they really care about, but the majority of gamers dont.

Force feedback is also another thing which is appreciated but most gamers are fine with basic rumble, rumble triggers on the x1 and hd rumble on the switch have little fanfair, people buy force feedback steering wheels and flight sim gear is quite niche.



(You just get the dot out and it changes everything)

Till we have the PS5 in our hands I still remain skeptical…

Hype cycle marketing starting. Like the best line up claims etc. It could mean lots of timed exclusives too.

We’ll see.

best lineup "launch and beyond " noticed the beyond?

Ok cool.

Give us a release date and preorders.

I’m so uninterested in anything either company shares right now if it doesn’t include the term pre-order.

Yep it probably means during the launch window I suppose.

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Still waiting to know what is actually releasing for launch and what games are still coming out next year before I’m committing to one.

Realistically I’m going to wait until Demon Souls and Horizon Forbidden West at minimum are out.

I think I’m unlikely to get a PS5 …no disrespect to Sony and Playstation, I’ know the games will be great but I already have too much stuff to play between the Series X, Switch and the gaming Laptop I’m getting soon.

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If they don’t hype it, how would people know about it and be excited about it? If you don’t talk about your features, be sure that developers are going to ignore it. Maybe they will ignore it regardless, but this way you at least have some chance of getting dev support. They didn’t overhype psnow and now people barely know about it. So, no, they aren’t overhyping it.

Sony always has flashy ads. They also work.

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3D Audio and Force Feedback will be amazing if people use them. 3D Rumble on the Switch still blows my f-ing mind but it is rarely used.

They should hype audio. I love atmos on Xbone but it has not much support for 3rd parties. Hopefully with both consoles having a dedicated audio chip this time around will lead to more utilization.

And while I’m not too excited about their controller features (imo the feature set of elite for example, such as paddles, adjusting the stick response curves and replacing them are much more transformative to the way I play) I’m curious to see how it will pan out, specially the tension triggers.

But as an ad I don’t like it because it just highlights those 2 and nothing else.

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I am still skeptical of any console hype (particularly Sony). As I’ve mentioned, I have personal issues with Sonys controller. Objectively it is not the best fit for human anatomy as the primary inputs are (still) left analog and face buttons. This is a medical stance mirrored by Physical and Occupational Therapists to surgeons. Subjectively average people can compensate fine. I bring this up as the PS3 marketing for six axis and motion control to eliminate some analog input (flight games/scenes, etc.) I had the funds and decided to try. The feature was dropped and relegated to a gimmick very quickly. Also, due to arthritis, I turn vibration off of everything (even motorcycles! :grin:). So the feedback won’t be an integral part of any game. The last thing I want is MORE resistance on a trigger pull (and I use trigger loosely for Sony controllers).

As long as k/m or controllers are the primary inputs, I don’t see much innovation unless we start wearing whole body feedback suits.

Id rather they hype things that really matter, like graphical power and load times.

Sound and rumble is just a bit gimmicky as new gen features.

I guess im old enough now where marketing tactics like this are really transparent to me.

I prefer more honest marketing let the product speak for itself and dont try to oversell features.

Some marketing has healthy doses of hyperbole, most of the gaming market is young so they fall for it, its not as bad as it used to be but Playstation still embrace this strategy more then others weather it be early game demos which look better then the final product or portraying features to be better then they are.


This is a GREAT point. For example, I can no longer play a FPS without the longer stick the elite has. The Duke was the first controller I could with my early progression (especially over kb/m) so Halo has a spot in my heart as the first FPS I ever completed. The paddles are amazing on keeping my thumbs in place and reducing the stick to button swapping.

All that aside, if PS4 BC pans out with enchancements, I’ll likely get a 3rd party elite-ish controller to jump into the PS5 for the Sony exclusives (unless I decide to go back to micromanaging games on the PC).

I don’t think overhype is the right way to describe it here. They are highlighting areas their console excels at and that’s just a smart marketing tactic. Until we have our hands on it, we don’t know how much their controller tech will add to the experience. Audio adds as much, if not more to the experience as graphics, so it makes sense to highlight that.

This is a great way to start off their campaign. It grabs attention, leaves enough out to make people curious, and lists some of the strengths of their platforms. They did good here.

Yeah me too. I can’t even play without paddles anymore. My fingers already load balance the inputs between them and the face buttons automatically lol

(This is specially useful for games that require pressing 2 buttons at the same time, I’m finding way easier to sync a face and a paddle button than trying to press them all with my thumb.

Playing megaman with the elite was amazing)

Its not a matter of opinion, the advert even says “dramatisation” at the beginning.

Its more suited for next gen VR.

It might be good marketing because people will believe in anything, they want the fantasy to be true, its how elections are won.

I feel sorry for people who cant see through it.

Im not saying marketing should have no flair and dramatisation, but its better when what they are presenting is true. Let the product sell itself.

Its kinda like if tesla where to focus on there car stereos and paint jobs, rather then battery life, speed and performance. Or if steve jobs sold the iphone because of its call quality.

Yes these should be mentioned, but not at the forefront of the marketing.

I guess sony dont want to focus on power on performance to much because they have the inferior product in that regard.